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I've spent almost twenty years of my life writing fanfiction. Something is clearly wrong with me, especially if I'm writing about pastel cartoon ponies now.


For Dragon's Blaze · 12:30am Jul 30th, 2018

Earlier this year, I took notice of a story on Fanfiction.net called United Destinies: the Hero and the Hybrid by an author named Dragon’s Blaze. While the story was by no means free of flaws, I still found myself fascinated by its charm and potential, so added it to my favorites list. Soon after, I began conversing freely with the author, helping her bounce ideas off of me, and even proofreading a few of the earlier chapters. I was very much fascinated by the story and eager to see where it

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Wait. WAIT.

Holy shit, I KNOW that avatar and username.

I'm STILL suffering from mood whiplash after reading your fics years ago.

Ri2 #158 · 4 weeks ago · · 1 ·

I've considered that option. I just...I dunno. I'll think about it.

Why? If it’s burnout or/and real life issues, then we can understand. Maybe put up a summary of the Obsidian star badge and final battle arcs as the final chapter.
Given how many plot lines you were running, I think it can still pass off as an average chapter.
At least don’t leave your readers hanging.


The finale was amazing. And no, I don't know if I'll ever continue

What are your views on the MLP finale?
Also, will Brave New World ever be updated?

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