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Yes, my avatar is looking OP, but it is merely a transfer character I have that seems OP, but not in the sense you are thinking. Think multiverse. And there are way stronger worlds out there.


Another Update · 4:11am Nov 21st, 2018

Okay, I will be honest, I have split my time between mlp stories and regular fanfiction stories. Right now, I am very into RWBY stories and some other series. Also, I am making an RWBY corruption story in the sense of like my Debauchery is Lawless story. That will take a while of me getting the first chapter out on the fanfiction.net site. Primus1243 by the way.

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I have been rereading the Darkness Bathing story again and I have noticed that all of your maps have failed to show up. I have read this story before so I can partially remember them, but a big part of the appeal to this story is that you could literally see Sky expand his territory. It is needed in your opening chapters to show his progress to unify a war-torn land. It will also be nice to learn more about Belgica and Carthaginensis so I hope that you will make opening chapters for them as well. I hope that you will continue to work on this amazing story!!!

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Can you do a part with twilight and a zebra please on the lawless story.

Comment posted by Shadowforever500 deleted Nov 28th, 2017

So cum inflation eh? Nice.

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