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Yes, my avatar is looking OP, but it is merely a transfer character I have that seems OP, but not in the sense you are thinking. Think multiverse. And there are way stronger worlds out there.


Update · 3:50am Nov 17th, 2017

Hey guys. I know it has been a while, but I have been busy writing with TOWAN and Warith on our stories. Mostly Wraith as we have been working on some stories, especially old ones. But good news...you can expect chapters from the CoC story I have up. But as for now, going to be busy, so expect erratic updates, but I will try to be timely.

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Can you do a part with twilight and a zebra please on the lawless story.

Comment posted by Shadowforever500 deleted Nov 28th, 2017

So cum inflation eh? Nice.

Many thanks for the fave :3 *Boops ^^*

Are you the same Primus that runs The Bronies of God?

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