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Alright, welcome to the Aliens group! Here you can post fics, discuss the movies, talk about the books, and forget that Colonial Marines ever existed! Feel free to post threads, just don't go crazy.

Also, Hudson lives.

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379288 I'd forgotten about this place. Thanks!

Why not just have their ship crash on Equestria. Kinda like what happened in the Third movie but without pointless character death.

I am thinking about doing a fanfic that follows on from Aliens (Alien 3, Resurrection and Colonial Marines never happened). The only problem is, and it's a big one, how are they going to get from point A (LV-426) to point B (Equestria) and what are they going to do there. Any ideas?

Well, I'm hoping that somepony is available. I need a proofreader for an Alien fic in the process. I have finished the first story, and are now working on the sequel to it. If its not too much trouble for anypony. :twilightblush: If anypony is interested, then PM me.

I fuckin' love Xenomorph's.

Their very interesting.:pinkiecrazy:

im not going to forget colonial marines. I liked the game. it was bad but some elements kept me playing and liking. just read an alien story that blew me away. it's good and long with a sequel in progress. Damn predator near the end almost made me cry though. it was colonial marines friend. here it is.Colonial marine in equestria it has nothing to do with softening the marine. he gets more badass because aliens ravage the place a couple weeks after he gets there. read it!

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I have a fanfic based on Aliens in progress. I don't know how many chapters it is going to have but I hope that it will be done soon. :scootangel:

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