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A group for fans of the Predator and Alien vs Predator series to discuss our favorite hunters and create crossovers or stories in the spirit of the series.

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Agreed, with all the dangerous mythical/magical creatures and whatnot. It's trophy heaven

Comment posted by uncannyphilosophy deleted Oct 21st, 2019

This fandom needs more straight Predator crossover. Equestria is the perfect hunting ground for them.

Just look at the Everfree Forest.

This seems like a great group but a bit inactive.
Maybe the new movie will liven things up a bit.
Until then, check out a compilation of Yautja Spacecraft:
Predator Spaceships

This group was impossible to find I think the name should be AvP or Aliens vs Predator

I'm more of a Xenomorph fan but I really can't argue with their predator's technology.

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