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I write ponies and stuff. Gilda is best pony. Also, my mustaches are many, yet my favorite thing is pretty dress.


Ch-ch-changes · 6:18am Sep 20th, 2015

So I'm going through and editing a couple things here and there in a few stories. I'll let you know the specifics once I'm done.
After that, who knows, maybe some new content!

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We both came up with the plot points well before writing to the point where we know all the important characters before they ever appear as well as where the story is going and how it all ends, we hash things out in detail before and during chapter writing, we present things to each other as we work on them so that the other can offer up ideas/criticisms, then we read over the whole chapter once it's done and do more in depth critique.
He writes Anywere, I write Odds. With how Odds is SUPPOSED to work, he may end up maining a few chapters there too.

I was wondering how do you and Stonershy collaborate on Anywhere But Here? Do you both write the chapters together? Does one comes up with the plot points and the other writes it? How do you guys do it?

Hey. Lesbian horse butts are always a big deal.

It really hasn't been that big a deal.

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