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It was always there. · 11:08pm Apr 4th, 2015

The FIM season five premier highlights the destructive and manipulative nature of communism when actually put into practice. Everyone who watched those two episodes can see that. It's obvious. What isn't so obvious is that the show has been doing that for quite some time. Will you believe me now when I say that the King Sombra episodes were about a tyrannical dictatorship. Yes, I'm banging THAT old drum again.

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Thank you. It's always appreciated to know when something you've done has affected someone else. I hope it was in a positive way. :rainbowkiss:

I just want to say, your work inspired me!!!

Thank you for the watch, I hope you have an awesome day!

Hi, Rex! Thanks for the Fave of my story The Talk. I'm glad that you could enjoy one of my older pieces.:twilightsmile:

1425706 I could not have asked for more dedicated members of the units I served with than the Corpsmen. You guys will walk through a wall of fire to save a downed Marine, and for that, I am the one who needs to thank you. :twilightsmile:

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