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Turns out I was dead after all · 9:52pm Aug 19th, 2013

It's like a practical joke except nobody laughs and everyone just kinda stands around awkwardly.

Long story short, my life fell apart completely about 6 months ago and is only now slowly putting itself back together. Obvoiusly, writing ponies kinda slipped down the priority list. Maybe I will pick it up again. Starworks was always way too ambitious to be uploaded chapter by chapter, but I may finish some of my smaller bits and bobs. See if I get all inspired and whatnot again.

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52 weeks, 1 day. A whole year since you were last on Fimfic. Sanctae, wherever you are now, we hope you're well. You are missed.

He hasn't been on the site in almost a year. I ever tried PMing him a few months ago, which should have shown up in the inbox of whatever email address he used for this site. Nothing. He's just gone.

It's such a shame to. All the Mares is pretty funny, and even though reimaginings of the series opener are a dime a dozen on Fimfic, Starworks is actually pretty damn interesting. He might've even had something going with the Twilight's Terribly Busy Day premise he had, but I guess we'll never know...

Where did you go?

Hey, you might want to take a look at this. Let's just say that one of your fics is about to get a lot of attention.

RIP Sanctae :fluttercry:

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