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Making Good Progress · 6:45pm September 12th

The next chapter of Filly Fluttershy, The Three Trials, is coming along. Most of you following have probably played the game (something that might be harder to say for a game that came out on the 3DS eleven years ago and tragically hasn't been ported to anything since), so I can tell you I'm up to the second trial, or the fifth, depending on whose counting. So it's safe to say that I'm about 2/3rds done. Then again, the fourth trial (or, still, the second) went for about 3,000

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Report Phazon · 22 views · Story: Filly Fluttershy: Uprising ·

Next Time on Filly Fluttershy: Uprising

After three years, the Chaos Kin's reign of terror has come to an end. Sombra is no more, Skyworld and the Earth ponies have begun to pick up the pieces, and Fluttershy has barely come out the other end with her life.

There's only one threat left. The one that's been looming over them all since the very beginning: Discord, the Lord of the Underworld. Now Fluttershy is gearing up to take him down once and for all.

Now if only anything were ever that easy.

Stay tuned for the next part of Filly Fluttershy: Uprising. The True Villain of the Story. Coming soon to a Fimfiction near you.

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Comment posted by 22 KM To Nerdiness deleted Aug 13th, 2022

I love the shy already, so why not add a Metroid?

Ah well, I'm used to the age thing.


Probably closer to SNES, considering my age and how few NES games I've actually played. And thanks. The pic was a gift from a dear friend on Fimfic. She's pretty talented, if a bit lovably batshit eccentric.

A die hard Nintendo? So you're...basically a talking NES? I knew it and I'm okay with this.

Nice pic by the way. :yay:


-Trying and failing to come up with a cow-based pun of Twifight Sparkill
-Wait, why moo specifically?
-Admiring an Undertale T-shirt I ordered online that will hopefully come in sometime next week. https://www.teepublic.com/t-shirt/696403-undertale-sans-and-gaster-blaster
-So, how about that orange assclown of a president? I hear he's a being a douche to your guy.
-No seriously, why moo specifically?

Ah, fuck it. Work has been rough, and I've had to type this out on my phone because my computer seems to have lost half its functionality after a Windows update late last month.

Pinkie isn't annoying you are just blinded by hate or dislike whichever it is. Pinkie did nothing wrong you are just stick with this delusion that being nice is harassment and being mean to others is good. Hey kids according to this person trying to be friendly is harassment! Be mean to each other because being nice is bad am I right kids? Give me Break pinkie hater.




My God, I've been trying. I've spent months trying to put together the next Filly Fluttershy chapter, so much that I've built up an excessive reading backlog on Fimfic. I swear, the closer I get to finishing it, the less progress I make, to the point where I either have no time or no willingness to take a stab at it. I had a three-day weekend, and all I jotted down was half a paragraph! I was about to post a progress report blog post (now a month overdue) complete with a sneak peek/excerpt from the story, but that's on the backlog too.

Meanwhile, I just joined two groups devoted to the CW's DC television shows, and I'm trying to post a thread (with a massive OP) asking to rate each show's most recent season now that finales are done.

In fact, I was actually planning on linking you to the new Filly Fluttershy chapter once the first draft was done. At best, you could critique and offer an opinion, which I might consider as I'm editing before formally posting. At the very least, you'd have early access to a new chapter. In fact...

:pinkiehappy: - Post nudes! WOO!

Ladies first. :eeyup:

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