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Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash have always been great friends, looking out for each other and sticking together like two good Pegasus pals would. But all it took was one faithful night, one confession of love, to send their long-term friendship towards a new and deeper level. Now having to deal with whether they should be together, whether they even love each other, and how their friends and others may react, they must face the challenges this possibly new-found love could bring. But the question is, will they survive, and will close friendship or romance prevail over all else in the end?

Link to clipart: http://13era.deviantart.com/art/Flutterdash-heart-260824340?q=boost%3Apopular%20Flutterdash&qo=13
Thanks to my awesome hipster Pre-reader Jiropracter

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you sir are awesome. i didn't read your previos one but this is just awesome. the only thing i don't like is it's another dash and shy one again. that's not a bad thing but you see my reason. oh well your awesome and so is your work. good luck with the next chapter my fellow writer.:raritystarry:

I can never get enough FlutterDash, never. <3

I usually don't like a fxf fic, but this is an exception. It's sweet. Too sweet. ( no such thing is there?)

Mmm, scrumptious flutterdash.

There isn't a lot of characterization, and other than a bit of shyness from Fluttershy in the middle, you could probably alter the trip to be on the ground, then switch out the characters to anything you wanted, and with a a bit more editing make it about anything. It isn't poorly written, and you can't do too much with the length, but slipping in some "I love [x] about you" is an easy way to start.

Thanks for the advice, i'll take note of it for future reference

Oh wow, new chapter just when i top off at 400 views, Well enjoy the new one Everypony!

Interesting, very interesting.. Looking forward to the next update. :pinkiesmile:

so let me see if i got this straight. in the next chapter it's flutter shy birthday + :rainbowlaugh: + everyone else equals = i'm very curious know.:moustache:

Heh, I read the description - it sounds almost like a reversal of my own Flutterdash fic, going just by that :rainbowlaugh:
Gave it a read - you got some good stuff here. Keep it up.

Wow it's an honor to hear that from an author i'm a fan of. I really quite liked your FlutterDash fic. It was actually what inspired me to rewrite this one so it was somewhat good. Thank you for you're support! :heart:

wow...this series is AMAZING, you are a great author...im very much looking forward to the next part....i always love a good flutterdash fic.

Their friends almost have it figured out.

you are the best author EVER i could read these stories untill i die and then more after that!

I know what's gonna happen next, but i'm not gonna say it because 9/10 bronies probably are thinking the same exact thing.

115788 Wow, you reckon? Hah! Someone's honoured by me!
Just kidding. That means a lot to me as well :rainbowkiss:

Teen rating for the malequessients wanting clop

great story it needs more plot tho and a little longer on chapters plz

u earned my stars even if its not done

This has become my favorite FlutterDash EVER! <3

Cant wait for the next parts!

To everypony who is just now viewing this sereis, no i did not make all of the chapters on the 8th. First one was made on the 5th, the second one on the 7th, and the third one on the 8th. They only say they are all on the 8th because i just edited them today and gave them titles

sigh twilight sickens me she cant just do that

Twilight y u no can accept them!:fluttercry:

You made Twi quite the b--ch didnt you :P

I don't like this moron version of Twilight...

if Twilight does anything, i'll break the fourth wall and take care of this.


To the people saying they don't really like how i made twilight a b--tch moron... well that wasn't my intention. I just wanted to her to be misguided like she has been in the show before. Think kind of like the templars from Assassin's Creed. What she wants is good(None of her friends to get hurt) but the way she wants to go about it(Doing something to break FS and RD up) is bad.

....dammit, Twi. Continue down this train of thought and I'll see to it Celestia makes a nice purple unicorn addition to the moon. <<


The problem is that Twilight seems to have little reason for thinking the way she does. She acts as a person who has seens a copule of bad breakups and how it affects a circle of friends, but as far as we know she actually should have little to no expirience in the matter. Anchoring her behavior to some unfortunate event in her past would probably be helpful in reinforcing the misguided vibe you were going for.

Weird twist. I like it.

O_O so tahts why...

well that explains a lot. :pinkiesmile:

Makes sense. But twilight, really. :facehoof:

Hm. I suppose that explains it. Still seems terribly out of character. *shrug*
Anyway, i'm still intrested in what happens next. Keep up the good work.

Very well thought out good work

i rather enjoy your fiction

Hrm. Want more.

That was really good, nice work cant wait to dive into the other chapters

Nice This chapter made me scream "DAMMIT TWILIGHT" good thing no ones home haha keep up the good work

read the five chapters in one sitting, i honestly cant wait for more, i really need something to follow now that hearts aflutter is on hiatus

This is the best story I have ever read don't stop writing it I would be vary vary vary sad :fluttercry:

I caught one little mistake: "Fluttershy was equally amazed by Dash’s cyan colored eyes. They were like perfect round amethyst jewels that twinkled when you looked into them."
Fluttershy has blue eyes, Rainbow's eyes are magenta-ish.
Other than that, awesome chapter!

I have liked all of the chapters. :rainbowhuh::fluttershysad:

Omg that was the best one yet I can't believe. Twilight would do that :pinkiegasp:

4 word's twilight is a bitch

This is amazing Sent chills down my spine at the end there. cant wait for chapter 7

Few punctuation mistakes here and there, otherwise great story editing wise.
Man, I hate cliffhangers. An annoying, yet successful technique for stories. :raritydespair:
Don't keep us waiting too long.

It is ironic that, in Twilights attempt to stop the group from fracturing she is driving a divide between herself and everpony else

Ya it is. But Twilight believes that if she does this, then even if the group suffers repercussions, it will be way less severe than if she allows it to go on for too long to the point where those repercussions would break their group apart. :moustache:

Don't finish on cliffhangers! or at least post a new chapter son

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