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Let Me Tell You A Tale...

  • ES3 E65 (Friendship is Magic)
    An outsider's look into Twilight's mind while she is in the midst of the starry nebula with Princess Celestia, highlighting her thoughts as she discovers what the future has in store for her. Written to the sounds of the SGaP tribute album,
    Mattatatta · 2.1k words  ·  26  0 · 811 views
  • TSurvivor Shy
    Fluttershy is left to face a post-cataclysmic Equestria after a terrible event causes ponykind to vanish without a trace. With nopony to turn to, Fluttershy must fend for herself and try to find out what really happened that fateful night.
    Mattatatta · 90k words  ·  698  11 · 14k views


Every Survivor Shy Illustration Ever Created (Non-Canon and Spoiler Art Shown)

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Maybe someone can send him a screenshot of this story.

This one in particular is always at the back of my mind

So he is at twitter in his given username @mattatatta. He deleted his DeviantArt account because DA engages in art theft, and he left tumblr due to its content policy changes back in 2018-19 (or so). His twitter is mostly anime stuff and a lot of Code Vein stuff.

Would you post the link? I think there are still fans that wanna ask him about his updates to Survivor Shy as well as other questions.

Has been recently active on Twitter if your interested however.

I don't think so. Shame, I really wanted to read the end of this story. Wow man, the nostalgia

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