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An outsider's look into Twilight's mind while she is in the midst of the starry nebula with Princess Celestia, highlighting her thoughts as she discovers what the future has in store for her.

This is a third-person retelling and reinterpretation of the penultimate scene in the Season 3 finale, written to, and directly inspired by, the soundtrack of the So Great and Powerful tribute album, Sori 52. Listening to the whole album at least once before or while reading is recommended, but not required.

A short, on-the-fly one-shot I couldn't stop writing until I was finished.

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Comments ( 7 )

This portrays that part of the episode so beautifully.....

WOW. Just.... wow.

This is the kind of fic I was hoping to find after the episode.
thank you for being such an awesome author and not dragging the immortality thing on- instead bringing such an awesome portrayal of twilight's inner thoughts and emotions...

Fav. fav. fav. favfavfavfavfavfavfavfavfavfavfavfafavfavfa=ekfafngagngn




Thanks. While watching that episode, the moment Twilight appeared in that magical place in outer space, I immediately thought of Sori 52. After the episode had ended, I had to listen to that album again, and soon, I was writing this one-shot to it.

The one thing I wanted to capture were the themes found in the music that suited Twilight's short stay in space. Since a lot of the music carried a subconscious and sometimes unconscious emotion, I felt that the best way to convey this was through focusing on just Twilight's thoughts and feelings. We all know what physically happens, we all know what Celestia says and sings and the look on Twilight's face, but we didn't know how she was feeling, what she was thinking. That's where I felt the album stepped in, and so, where this fic steps in too.

This is very good.
You might consider editing in some recognition of her new earth pony aspect at the very end when the wings appear.

What is Sori 52, other than an album, if anything?

Sori 52 might be completely fictional. All I can infer from here is that it is the name of rogue planet or another strange cosmic entity. The album art is what made me draw a connection between the album and the finale.

This story needs a lot of editing - because it had none before I published it. I was riding off the high of the finale and listening to all the songs on Sori 52. I simply wanted to push this out as quickly as possible and turn my attention back to my other projects.

Maybe if I'm bored I'll come back to this and improve it. It's a nice little story at its core, it could do with a little improvement.

Awesome! I am so faving this.

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