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After a mysterious and widespread spell causes ponykind to vanish, Fluttershy is left behind to cope with what the future has in store for her and the remains of Equestria.

In a matter of days, the once-prosperous nation begins to descend into a harsh and unforgiving place. While cities crumble around her, Fluttershy finds herself living in a land rife with dangers and heartbreaking reminders. With nopony to turn to, Fluttershy is forced to learn to fend for herself, discover what happened, and, if possible, find a way to reverse it.

Survivor Shy is an illustrated story following Fluttershy in the weeks after a magical cataclysm. While the last pony relives her past, readers are offered a vivid glimpse into Fluttershy's mind and are led on a harrowing journey through the ruins of Equestria and beyond.

Story branches out before Season 3 Finale.

In-progress Reading by Finish Line available
In-progress Russian translation by Papilion_star available.

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"Most stories start from the beginning. This one's not so simple. Here's a mare who's world got all twisted, leaving her stranded on wrecked train in the wilderness. She gets up. Then she falls to her death....
Nah, I'm only foolin."

Well, that was fun. Now for the real comment:

You know this actually feels a lot like Bastion, only it is the Kid, or Fluttershy in this case, who is narrating, instead of some other character. Or at least, it will be when Fluttershy starts telling the mysterious voice her story.


The Survivor Shy Gallery on my deviantart still exists (along with the relevant story excerpts in each images' description), and I'm going to be reintroducing almost everything from the original set up as time goes on. I only need to finish the last illustration for Chapter One, make my final adjustments and edits to the text, and I'll be free to add more to the story.

This overhaul is being done to improve the flow and narration, and make a chapter feel like a chapter and not like a ripped page, which some people said to me made it harder to really get into the story. I don't intend to remove anything that is in the currently complete but unplublished scenes, because they're still part of the story's canon, but I'll likely make additions and other revisions as I see fit.

Also, I've never played Bastion, or even heard of it until now. Survivor Shy seems to share a similar beginning, but what I have planned take a different route altogether.

Oh, and finally, I couldn't add the Prologue at the top of the chapter list without removing all the other chapters I had out. So I decided it would be best to just take them all off FimFiction for now and start anew.

I have been following this story since the beginning and I must say there has been a increase in quality that I completely enjoy. The length of the chapters are much more reasonable and I believe the change in storytelling, (from broken, disjointed storytelling to a coherent narrative that is easy to follow) is a good development. I can't wait to see what more we will see of this story :yay::heart::rainbowwild:

I admit it makes more sense and it is more detailed but I actually miss the disjointed story telling as it was unique and created more mystery. Granted this is a better long term idea but I miss it regardless.


Thanks, I'm glad to hear that you think the quality has improved. Survivor Shy is my first serious story and art series, so I've had quite the learning curve to just get this far.

I'm aiming to create a narrative that is much more straightforward and organised, but still with some chapters appearing out of chronological order to reflect Fluttershy's scrambled memory and to make the readers have to do a little thinking to work out where certain 'wild' chapters actually belong. Instead of making chapters just a picture with an excerpt related to it, chapters are now going to use multiple images and contain much more text so that they feel more like chapters.

I'm still deciding on what I'll exactly make the second chapter. But I'm likely to be either updating or completely remaking old artwork and story excerpts to keep the quality consistent. At least one picture comes to mind that needs to be completely redone, but that one is later in the story's chronology, so it's not going to be in the next chapter anyway.

This overhaul has been long overdue, and I'm glad to be finally on the ball again.


Don't fret, the chaotic storytelling will still occur. These two chapters needed to be chronological to ease new readers in. One of the most common complaints I had was that nobody knew how to read this story, because nothing was in order and nobody could tell what qualified as the 'start' of the story.

Freaking love that game, have yet to beat it though.

So from what I read in the comments there was a orginal story to this but you took it down to rewrite it…well I may have not read the original I can tell this is going to be a fun story

This iteration will still be using the original story's content. It's more a case of reorganisation and updating than a total rewrite. Plus, I'm not going to let 24+ pictures go to waste :pinkiegasp:

I am intrigued, definitely. I hope as we all do that Fluttershy will go ninja and go beserkers on anypony or gryphon or dragon that dares too cross her path.:twilightangry2:

color me intrigued.
will definitely be giving this a read soon, once i have the chance.

best commentary in a game ever.
i wish that guy could narrate my life. even reading fanfiction would sound epic coming from that guy.

"the Kid sits down at his desk, computer's already on."
"brings up Chrome, Fimfiction's his home page. gotta have your priorities straight after all."
"Kid takes a moment to finish reading Background Pony, after he's done he cries into his Luna plushie. ain't no story in all of Caelondia so full of feels as that one."
"the Kid's feeling mighty thirsty right about now, that Coca Cola is lookin' real inviting."
*CZZT* *gulp*
"sometimes you just need a drink."

Intensive plot with unsuspecting mystery in the mix. I have glimpse it as a far more than a original, but a classical piece that Flutes now have to face. What would she do in a world of ruin? What choices and decision should she must do to survive in the apocalyptic scenario. And for that, I blame magic, hundred percent and all.

Ahem, now then, onto the review shall we. The story was basic, the prologue was basic, but never have I seen a comic strip in it. You have placed much focus on the prologue part by the way, having the sense of persuading fellow readers, like myself, to be drawn into it. A mysterious story it is and this is what I found extremely enjoying it. Never have I thought I felt...enjoying a mlp story. No offense and all that. This might be one of the few things that I really much want to know what happens next. The direction was 1st pov which is well define and written. Also I admire the style of writing the description and blood, what a crummy title it is. I have thoughts of not reading it because of the title.

The style. Very much appreciative that stories are short. Reading long stories would dull the readers and increase boredom if they were more words about three thousands or more. Short and straight through, that I always say, the policy to get their minds utterly bent and ravaging to know what happen next. Please put cliffhanger for boosting effect

The way of the description of paragraphs. Excellent composition of each things, easily imaginative just by reading. The comic strip did help a boost upon the imagination part, but very well written to that. Yet now, enough of the goodly parts, now it is time for the faults and weakness. I am still not convinced one bit that one pony survives alone while about many disappeared abruptly all of a sudden. I am eager of knowing why she was the only one, but in the other side, I felt as ever the intending unbelief and ever obnoxious.

The way of the story was well composed, but seeing Flutes to be in Appleloosa was downright unbelievable. In the sense of the bearers going around the world, I thought Applejack should be in charge on that destination. Also the other problem is the title, ah, yes, the simple and yet, horrid title. Again, no offense, but I find it unconvincing. Without the description I would have depart and refuse reading, which I am thankful that I am reading now. I would suggest to change the title, but I'll just scratch that, knowing well that you work incredibly on this.

In the overall, I find another good, classic story, worth reading and intensive suspense. The bad part of it all, is the crummy title.

Thank you for update!
Great as always :twilightsmile:
btw: I caught myself on thought that regardless of fact that I read earlier on deviantart two of three parts of this chapter - it is great pleasure to reread them.

Interesting. Very interesting indeed. I liked how you started out in medias res, although to be fair I did find it a little jarring to be dropped down into this story without the context behind it. I guess it helped, because Fluttershy was feeling the exact same confusion that the reader must have certainly been feeling.

The mysterious unicorn (assuming here that the other voice is a unicorn) who has Fluttershy in this trance is a good driving point for the story because it makes one want to know who she is and what her angle is with making Fluttershy remember these things. Overall, it's a good start and I will be reading further to find out more about this. One thing I would recommend you do is put this story up on dA so I can follow it there, as I am not very active on fimfiction. My account there is portaljumper339, same as it is here.

Good work, VERY good work. I especially liked the way you describe how Fluttershy does things and talks to herself. It helps create a very good atmosphere of pure crushing loneliness, and all you have time to do is think and think and think.

I did notice two potential typos, though. Near the beginning, you spelled horizon "horizone" and on this line "My cries turned into intelligible sobs," I think you meant to write "unintelligible sobs." Just trying to help, tell me if I'm wrong. :scootangel:

Can't wait for the next part, keep up the good work :twilightsmile:

Found you!:yay:

I really like how you have the story organized now. I'll be watching for future updates.

Well, I'm going to wait until this is complete to read this.

I hate post-apocalyptic.

I'm loving the revamp so far.


It's not going to be a Grimdark tale, which is oft-believed to be a staple of any post-disaster story. Though it is inherently Dark and Sad due to how Fluttershy must come to terms with being alone, the story itself avoids gore and death, and focuses on a more T-rated storyline and setting.

If that doesn't convince you to not wait until the story is finished, then you'll have to wait a while, because I also draw illustrations for every chapter (always SFW) :pinkiecrazy:

Let me reiterate one more time. Me, Gusta.


Glad you're enjoying it!

God the setting reminds me of I am Alive so much. I really got to get that game, just as much as I really have to read this story.
Maybe when I'm not so busy trying to finish something of mine. I'll let you know when I get around to it. :twilightsmile:

I'm a big fan of End of Ponies, so seeing something on a similar vein is cool! Can't wait to see more. I like the angle of this being an illustrated story, too. Nice touch.

This seems like a really interesting idea and I've seen "Survivor Shy" pictures on EqD quite a few times, so why isn't the story itself on EqD?

You know, I wonder which is worst. Being the only surviving creature of your species with other creatures that can speak as well or being the only speaking creature around?

I'm going to mindfuck you with love because this story is awesome, and you should feel awesome for writing it.

Stop narrating like that guy from the Bastion!

I love all the artwork! Did you draw them yourself?:twilightsmile:


While brainstorming ideas, I did draw some inspiration from End of Ponies for world building and imagining how Equestria would be altered over the course of Survivor Shy.


The story behind the creation of the story is a bit long. The abridged version is that I started drawing the illustrations in April, but it wasn't until around June I had the foggiest idea what the story was going to be about. Three months later and the story was here on FimFiction, but in total disarray. Then at the start of this month I took the chapters down and began rewriting the story for a clearer narrative that would be fit for a submission to EqD's Pre-Readers. There will come a point where I will send the story to EqD, but for now, I'm content with just the illustrations appearing occasionally in the Drawfriend.


With nothing to talk to, you can only talk to yourself, or project a personality onto an inanimate object to retain as much of your sanity as possible. With other species around that can speak, the world feels less empty, but if those species want nothing to do with you, or want you for dinner, than it's probably as bad as being completely alone.




I have drawn every illustration myself. In fact, I mostly draw the scenes before I even start typing the first draft of the prose up. I've over two dozen images for the story, and many more shall be created as I start writing chapters I haven't got out of the planning stage yet.


She'll be fine. Uh... I think...

Okay, then. If you ever need help with that feel free to ask for it in one of the review threads or the training grounds on /fic/.

"Dodge Junction. . .used to be the gateway to the Equestrian West. Gateway's still standing, there just ain't any gate keepers. . .or anypony else for that matter."
"Mare stops in at the barber shop. Helps herself to a few things, gotta look presentable, even in Calamity."
"Mare acts all polite to the empty room, as if she expects a voice to talk back."

"Ponyville. . .can't really live up to it's name without the ponies. . ."
"Mare finds her cottage, same way she left it, post-calamity."
"Mare finds a stack of papers signed by her pet rabbit. He always was a clever little bunny."
"Is that a survivor? No, mare. . .It's a big ole Diamond Dog that survived the Calamity."
":flutterrage:Mare pops him good. . .nah I'm only foolin'.:fluttershbad:"

this description reminds me of the game "I AM ALIVE" on xbox arcade

Read the comments, you're not the first one. There's even someone mimicking the narrator from a game called Bastion that he says this fic reminds him of.

1884857 well i'm a fan of the game but i have work in 8 hours so it going on the read later list you have me interest if that means anything

Well, this is getting a watch from me, both for the actual story and the Bastion style narration in the comments section.

At this rate, the comments will derail the story and everyone will just favourite the story for the comments!

1726839 That game is amazing. That narrator could make anything sound epic and funny at the same time.

Why didn't she try finding Zecora?


I knew I was missing something... I could explain it away in these comments, but that won't help the story, so thanks for pointing that flaw out - I'll make some additions to Chapter Three once I've posted this comment.

The gist of it is that Fluttershy decided to venture deeper into the Everfree Forest to the Castle ruins because, at the time, it was the first place that came to her mind upon seeing the river at the end of "Going Home" (which is meant to be the same river the Sea Serpent is met from the show's premiere episodes). She's also focused on reaching Canterlot, to the point that she believes it to be the last, best hope she has for finding anyone to turn to - ponies and zebras alike. By the time she reaches the Castle and has a mini-breakdown before the Timberwolves show up, she realises she should've gone to Zecora's, but knows it's too late to turn around now.

Why I didn't write this in the first place? I planned to include a visit to Zecora's house in this chapter, but it didn't fit the time frame nor Fluttershy's goals of reaching Canterlot post-haste. If she went there before reaching the Castle, she wouldn't have had time to reach the Castle before nightfall, and it would throw the story off completely. If she went to Zecora's the next morning, it would clash with her mindset and how she is beginning to become more and more desperate to reach Canterlot as quickly as possible ("I'm running out of time, so let's lollygag and get sidetracked!"). So, my original plan was changed to leave Zecora's home out of the chapter, but I neglected to make Fluttershy acknowledge the second option she wasted while I was editing my drafts.

It all probably sounds like a big ass-pull, but that is what happened. It's another derp and fail on my part. Zecora's home shall be visited in a later chapter, it's actually a pretty important moment in the story, too.

I have to wonder if that dream is a hint about what is really going on, maybe our first view of the enemy alicorn that caused the apocalypse.


If it isn't already, what with the memory spell bringing this story out, the mysterious shockwave that wiped Equestria, and Fluttershy pretty much bound to lose her mind at some point; this story is going to become a bit of a mindscrew. :fluttershyouch:

Looking forward to more my good author

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