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cool lines

Red will drown the silver lining,

Desperate mothers: fillies crying,

Clouds of white find soldiers flying,

Don’t you know today we’re dying?

This is for every wound we lived through
For everyone who refused to succumb to pain
For everyone who had to deal with their own bodies betraying them
For everyone who sports the scars from noble deeds
For everyone who sacrificed their well-being for love and honor
For everyone who carries the light of hope, no matter how small it may be
For everyone who fights for what they believe in
For everyone who never gives up
For everyone who felt like their best wasn't good enough, but kept giving anyways
For everyone who refused to go quietly into the night
For those who had their hearts ripped out but kept going
For those who shoulder the weight of the world, day in and day out
For those who withstand the unjustified torments of others
For the wounded, the broken, the beaten, the bullied, the bruised and the battered

This is for those that endure

"Jack of all trades,
Master of none,
But still better
than a master of one."

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