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Join if you like flexible ponies. Flexible can include: contortion, autofellatio/autocunnilingus(involving spine flexibility), yoga/contortion routine descriptions, and anything else having to do with flexibility. Here we can discuss possibilities of stories, the limits and realities of flexibility, or anything else to do with flexibility. I personally find these things to be enjoyable when they are possible to accomplish IRL but that does not mean we have to exclude fantasies.

Start whatever conversation you want to in the forums. If you think you have good ideas for the group tell me and you may become an Admin.

Also, I am a contortionist and semi-expert in flexibility topics so feel free to ask about those also.

I made a discord group for people interested so we can talk about flexibility:

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I made a discord group for people interested so we can talk about flexibility:

I can lick all of my left foot. and do things with my left arm. I'm much more flexible on the left side but not actually that flexible as a whole. also who did all the art work for this group?

404639 Yeah, but you save 5 inches on both sides for the forwards motion if you compare.
Going by the standard measurements.

404638 Even as a female I think it might be easier to bend forwards than bending backwards with a twist.

404637 To the best of my knowledge, all training assistants and instructors will tell you to stretch and warm up, before you exercise.
From there, it sounds as if you should continue the training by using a parallel interval regime in which you stretch, then exercise, stretch, then exercise.
Besides, the exercise needs to target the muscles in the full rage, and particularly at the outer edge in order to reach full effect in this case. Not just mere weight lifting in the easy range we are commonly seeing.

Depending on your situation and how far you like to go, it may be interesting to find and join a Gymnast club/group to practice with.
From there it is a smaller gap to the full on Contortionist group as well.

There is a good chance that your neck is already bent a good deal at this point, but how do you feel in your current stage?
On that note, you may be able to twist the back a part of the way as well, in order to reach the goal.

For you as a male, it does look as if that would be the case, yes.

The idea is to a point that you are in a very different perspective. Instead of looking down, you would be looking up. This would making it obvious that you are doing yourself if you did it. wouldn't it?(looking down)

404630 In my experience it is beneficial to train both for strength and flexibility. They seem to compliment each other.

It might be possible to turn the head around in a deep chest stand backbend but the neck is probably already being stretched a lot to get it in that position so I think it would be quite difficult to do the turn in the neck to perform autocunnilingus. It would probably be easier to bend forward. I am not saying that it is impossible but it would be exceptionally difficult.

404603 I guess you are the expert on the subject at hoof here. I never consciously did the stretches.
There are a few things I can do that would be well beyond the common reach, but that wasn't consciously practiced in the first place. More of just scratching an itch that happened to be in an inconvenient spot behind my back.
One good thing with that partner is that you have one by your side, one with which you know you can talk openly about your situation. As the Closet-Contortionist, you can end up with a few problems here.
Pondering if you could exercise stretches and muscle tone separately to a good extent?
I came to think of a correlation to swimming, if your muscles grow too large they are getting in the way.

Most of the time, illustrated drawings are far better. Not just on the privacy issue.
The point with a blog is to have an organized place where you place everything, ready to refer to at any point. You can easily edit the blog at any time if you choose to add, change or remove a section at your own discretion. You can make the blog as short, or as long as you please.

I think I could make good use of this list, even if I guess there are a few I am not sure if they help, while there may be others I had found interesting as well.

The Cobra looks like a reverse of a rather common exercise, if I am not entirely mistaken.
I feel as if the Split is one often confused with another stretch, where you split your legs to the right and left.

On a seemingly unrelated note, but if you look at the second image on the icon of the group; it looks as if you could have very much fun with a slight development here, if you are into the idea it is suggesting. Just picture her with the head facing up against the crotch?

404602 I think that once you get past the beginner level and start to move into the intermediate-advanced contortion it becomes easier to do the stretches consistently. You really do not need a partner to to it, you can get there quite effectively without one especially if you train to strengthen the muscles and improve control through active stretching. The thing about a blog is that not many people are interested in that. I post my pictures on a website called I guess that is where I kind of do blogging with my photos. You can join if you are interested. Also, you can stretch with me over Skype if you want some help. I like to stretch with whoever I can.

I'll list some contortionist terms, I might not come up with the best definitions but I will try.

Range of motion: How far a limb will move before the muscle's stiffness limits how far the limb will move.
Active range of motion: How far you can move your limb without support from a prop or your hands.
Passive stretch: Normal stretching, using a prop or grasping with your hand to improve range of motion.
Active stretch: Stretching using the muscles in the limb you are stretching. Holding the limb at its longest active range of motion. This will improve your active range of motion.
Backbend: A stretch where the spine curls backwards.
Frontbend: A stretch where the spine curls forwards.
Straddles: A stretch where the legs spread outwards
Splits: A stretch where one leg goes forward and one leg goes backwards.
Knot or Human Knot: A stretch where both feet are behind the head/shoulders/back
Hip rotation: A stretch where the knee is bent usually at a 90 degree angle and you rotate your shin and knee causing the hip to rotate. This will help you do a human knot.
Cobra: A stretch where you start on your stomach and raise your head and shoulders up above the ground to curl the back into a backbend as much as possible.
Bridge: A backbend stretch where both the feet and hands are on the ground and the chest/stomach is facing up.
Chest stand: A backbend stretch where only the chest and feet are on the ground Example:
Head sit: This is like a chest stand except the butt sits on the head.
Oversplit: A split or straddle split where the split is greater than 180 degrees.
Triple fold: This is one of the most advanced backbends. This is where the person kneels and places his head between his thighs in a backbend. Examples:

Hope this helps

404600 Many of the stretches may be just as easy alone, all depending on the level you are doing. Yet, from the once on the contortionist list, these are progressively harder on your own, from what I see at least. I would need to try the once both alone and with the partner by my side to give a fair comparison, though.

Now, what is easy or hard can be compared in two entirely separate ways here. I could lie down on my bed and try the pose you have in the image. There is nothing but my lacking experience and flexibility holding me back there.
Yet, some of these are based on poses that are still much easier if you have a partner. Part of contortionism lie in the trust and confidence that leads to a deeper relaxation, doesn't it?
On that note, some of these could be aided by simple props as well. A wall, or anything to lean up against or to help you hold a foot in the air. I guess you could find a few other types of props too, all depending on the situation.

I could use a little dictionary on the topic, spelling out in short; simple terms what is what on this field.
You could even create a blog on these Contortion exercises? Or an entire series of blogs.

404585 I would not say that stretching solo is considerably harder. You can do many great stretches solo. Having a partner though allows the other person to stretch you while you focus on relaxing the muscles allowing for a deeper passive stretch. However, active stretches require use of your own muscles and cannot be done with a partner.

Splits are easy to do solo. Stretches I did to train my backbend were lots of wall wall stretches, and cobras. I had a hard time stretching the upper back in my early stretching days, I thought it was impossible. I was eventually able to lay on my stomach in bed and grab my foot and bring it to my shoulder, this stretch helped. Now I doo kneeling backbends, bridges, and on occasion I do stretches on the couch. I did this one yesterday real proud of it!

Yes, I am a closet contortionist.

404464 I may not be too much of the athlete and never aspired to contortion, but I found a few clips at the tube exciting. Sad to say, most are poor quality, or has other problems to them. Even if you do wear clothes, it has to be too close to nude for using minors in these images.

I guess it is hard to reach the interesting and exciting poses all by yourself. Not just being impossible, but it takes considerably longer if you practice some of these by yourself, doesn't it? Particularly that bridge since you are bending your back backwards far beyond common practice.

I imagine the split and similar is much easier to practice by yourself, if you do them lying on the floor or the like?

Feels great to have accomplished it all by yourself, I imagine. Hmm, a closet-contortionist, then? Maybe there should be groups and sites like FiM for us Ponies for all Contortionists to gather?

In this case, I don't find it overly exciting to recognize the person as such. Likewise, nudity is a distraction on this theme, at least to me.
Personally, I prefer the contortionist wearing certain garments that cover the person, without limiting your movement in the process.

This is the part where you need the assistance the most. Yet, it is more un to practice with one other you know and trust as you exercise together.

I found the thread on the group. Now I can ask a few relevant questions there, regarding an upcoming story, or futuer stories as well as they come up.

404458 Well, I have a lot of muscle in the legs.

I can bend backwards and roll into a bridge but it took me quite a while to get that far. It was only recently that I was able to accomplish this. Before I did cobras, wall stretches, and bridges starting from the floor. There is a guide in the group's forum describing some of the basic stretches I practiced on my way to being able to fall backwards into a bridge.

Assisted stretching can be a great help if you have a partner. I am pretty self reliant in that respect I can do most stretches by myself but I do admit it would probably be easier with a partner. Almost no one knows about my stretching outside of the internet. I suppose I do fear ridicule and what people will think of me. If you want to see some video of me stretching I can share over Skype. PM me for my Skype name. I do not like posting videos of myself or pictures where my face is not obscured because I do not want to be identified.

Yeah, like I said it took me a long time before I had the balance, muscle control, and flexibility to bend backwards into a bridge.

404449 I have the idea that the ideal is slender to athletic.

From the picture, I would say that you could afford to put on a few more pounds of mainly muscle there.

If it is unavoidably essential or not, but it is comfortable to have another by your side.
Warming up, stretching and balance are important too, of course.

On that note, if you are flexible enough to just roll over in a fluid motion would put your hands on the floor before you even start to tip over in that sense. Yet, very few are fortunate enough to have it quite that easy.
In part, practicing this could be easier if you had one by your side. No worries from falling, and that extra push in the right direction. Aside from a warm par on the shoulder when it feels hard.

You are not by chance practicing this alone due to fear of ridicule, I hope. It can be impressive to see on a You-Tube clip and exiting in any event.

Exactly the impression I had too.

Flexing your back is feeling like the hardest, when you think of it.
Part of the problem lie in trusting, while fear is holding you back in one way or the other.

For a mamalian, it just isn't happening, but snakes and frogs do these things in the wild, even if I guess Pinkie is on the extreme in any event.

Going by these pictures, that is so typically her. None other would even attempt to get close to either of her acts. Not just the cake.

One could pull her pose out of these images for a story icon, I guess. Just imagine a story based on her in the situations?

Describing it is kind of part of it.
On the matter of how you enjoy it is still part of your personality. It isn't the same if Pinkie do it, as it it is if any other of the ponies were trying to do the same thing.

On the note, I guess Pinkie Pie could be a good example on this case.
None other goes out of her way like Pinkie Pie does, even if the effort may go awry or just fizzle out into nothing.

I sometimes like to see Pinkie Pie as a natural Anthro, going by how and what she is doing, but you could see her as just about anything else, depending on the situation.
Maybe that is something I can enjoy as a writer, I can put her into almost any situation. Yet, I guess I enjoy the enthusiasm as well. Just as I kind or recognize myself in her too.

404447 Well, I am pretty skinny but you do not technically need to be skinny to be a contortionist. It just makes it easier because warming up to do stretches usually takes physical activity and stretching can be tiring which is even more difficult for a fat person.

You do not need to have someone to spot you if you train the muscles through active stretching to control and balance yourself while in the stretch. If you keep your center of mass balanced properly you can do it pretty reliably without falling over. I can bend backwards and land on my hands into a bridge. However I have to lean forward with my legs to keep the center of mass over my feet. Others who can bend the back to a larger degree do not even have to lean forward and can easily bend all the way backwards without shifting their stance very much but I am not that advanced. I have to lean forward quite a bit:*CjhxkoPpV-hmoL26kggGj4zV77bJVq9gKa6q7/ScreenShot20151101at8.33.51AM.png

After dropping to the floor, this is my deepest bridge:*O*IlIoGzQkT8cxSes5PZ*JHThChhQlEl1k-pwcAzpxNhCJdEex4po*yq-FI02*DZTK/ScreenShot20151012at1.56.50PM.png

Yes, this takes quite a lot of patience and consistency to accomplish.

Pinkie Pie extending her tongue out like a tentacle to grasp and swallow a cake whole is not something that can be accomplished in real life (unfortunately). This can be explained by cartoon physics or by the possibility that she is actually an eldritch abomination akin to Thingpone. However, Pinkie has been shown doing poses that are absolutely possible to accomplish in real life! She is very flexible!

I like focusing on real life accomplishable things because I can describe in detail how satisfying it feels to be able to bend and lengthen the muscles and ligaments in a way to move a limb freely. For my flexible fantasies I depend on Thingpone, an an advanced alien life form who can shift her biological form to almost any amount of flexibility.

You can write whatever you can imagine! Go for it!

404444 That is a very imposing and impressive pose that I find exciting. There are few of these, but you need some Pony behind you in order to safely practice these. I take it you are fairly slim in order to even consider this. Then you need to be determined and keep at it for a god long while to get there.

I guess that is a sound perspective. personally I like to be on the border in fiction, but stays safely within the border of what is possible in actual life.

the Physical body, one can see and touch?

For examples; Gummy licking his eyeball is: reach.
Pinkie Pie swallowing the cake is: flexibility.
Pinkie Pie eating the cake is: Flexibility and reach.

On the note, it seems as if Pinkie Pie is extremely flexible, when you look closer at her activities.
Not just in enjoying huge and humongous cakes in a single bite, but in walking and acting in bipedal stance.
I am sure there are both more and better sample in the show if you go over it episode by episode too.

404427 I'd say i'm about 2/3 of the way to achieving that pose!

Personally I like to focus on what is possible to achieve in real life but I do not mind indulging in fantasies.

Bodily flexibility is the primary topic of this group if that is what you were asking.

What did you have in mind? I am curious.

400511 The pose of your avatar certainly is exciting and attractive, right there.

Though right now I am curious as to the exact definition of Flexibility, where the group concerns.
Are we looking for any kind of extended flexibility, or is there any one more or less in tune with this group?

Thank you based Spell 25

`Just a little Bit of extra flexibility seems like fun.

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