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This group is for the particular Warhammer 40k fans who will be joining Eternal Crusade when it is fully launched. Here we will share our knowledge and our own goals and ideals for the great crusade and hope that this new epic title in the Warhammer 40k video game collection will be a fun and worthy addition.

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399215 I'm sorry, gods are made of flesh?:eeyup:

I'm here because of techpriests.

I don't always play MMORPGs. But when I do, they're based on Warhammer.

I see that the Iron Warriors are a faction, so I have no excuse not to try. Who knows? Maybe I'll accomplish something.

I don't play 40k at all. I just like joining groups.

Whatever meat-bags, worship your gods of flesh but Necrons are

My hope is that the devs deliver what they promise.

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