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Hello fellow bronys and pegesisters. My favourite pony is also my Best Pony Princess is Princess Luna and best pony is actually from pen stroke and it's Nyx from Past Sins.

A little about myself. Plus a filler.

Name: Christian smith.

Hopeful future name(s): Vegetite smith or Vegetite Aaron.

Age: 21.

Birth: August 23.

Hobbies: Gaming, reading, listening to music.

Favorite My Little Pony song(s):
1. Come little children.

Favorite music: rock, country.

Favorite band: Skillet.

Favorite game(there is a tie): Call of duty, Halo, Skyrim, and now mobile My Little Pony.

Favorite ponies: (top five)
1. Nyx.
2. Princess Luna.
3. Twilight sparkle.
4. Nightmare moon.
5. Sunset shimmer.

Favorite main six: (from most favorite to least)
1. Twilight sparkle.
2. Fluttershy.
3. Rainbow dash.
4. Rarity.
5. Applejack.
6. Pinkie pie.

Favorite Princesses:
1. Princess Luna.
2. Princess Twilight Sparkle.
3. Princess Celestia.
4. Princess Cadance.

Favorite villains:
1. Nightmare Moon.
2. Queen Chrysalis.
3. Sunset Shimmer.
4. Starlight Glimmer.
5. Discord.
6. King Sombra.

Favorite CMC:
1. Scootaloo.
2. Sweetie belle.
3. Applebloom.
4. Babs seed.

Favorite OC:
Nyx by Pen stroke from Past Sins.

Favorite shipping's:
1. Twiflutterlunadash.
2. Twiflutterdash.
3. Flutterdash.
4. Twidash.
5. Twiluna.
6. Twishy.

Latest Stories

Favourite series.

For the Story of Past Sins by Pen Stoke

This Video is not mine and do NOT have any claim, I just thought that this song goes very well with these two and it has brought tears to my eyes each and every time I watch it or listen to it.


Update for all stories. · 4:40am August 29th

I know I've been popping on and off for a long time now, and don't worry I haven't stop my stories or canceled them. Though they won't be updated for a long while due to more problems showing up around my house, so this is a shout out to those who are waiting for updates for them.

I have been only showing up to check the feed and mark stories for me to read.

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Thanks for coming back and adding "The Reunion" to your favorites and for the follow!
I see you have also added "On a Cross and Arrow" to your favorites - it's a great story. That and "Past Sins" are my most favorite ponyfics ever.
Hope you can drop by again soon!

Great to see you again and thanks for adding "Nyx Returns" to your favorites.
I'm so pleased that you have liked both of my Nyx stories - I think she's adorable!
Thanks also for the link to the Twilight/Nyx "You'll be in My Heart", it's a beautiful song with great artwork!

Thanks for the Fave on Star’s Log

Thank you for adding "Like Sister, Like Student" to your favorites.
I hope you continue to enjoy my writing.
Look forward to seeing you drop by again soon!

Thanks for the watch! :D

Thanks for the faves!

Thanks for the watch. :)

Thanks for the fav!

Thanks for the follow.

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