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Hello fellow bronys and pegesisters. My favourite pony is also my Best Pony Princess is Princess Luna and best pony is actually from pen stroke and it's Nyx from Past Sins.

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For the Story of Past Sins by Pen Stoke

This Video is not mine and do NOT have any claim, I just thought that this song goes very well with these two and it has brought tears to my eyes each and every time I watch it or listen to it.


Suicide Prevention · 3:05am Sep 25th, 2019

A user named Holy has posted a Suicide Note. If anyone has any information as to her whereabouts, please go to Estee's page here and render aid.
Please your own blogs to relay this. We have to crisscross the site. Please also post this in as many groups as possible. Do not reply on this page, go to Estee's page (linked here once again) to make sure the information is conveyed as efficiently as possible.
Thank you for your assistance, please feel free to copy/paste this as much as possible.

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Yeah though what I am doing is a story of a superhuman trying to live a normal life in Equestria but things happen as he is forced to show how powerful he is

Your story FRANK....MY NAME IS FRANK! stories like those and like don't you dare or don't get cocky I like them

Thanks for the fav but I gotta ask what caught your attention

Thank so much for making my story a favorite! It really means a lot to me. If you want, please leave me a comment or you can even PM me on what you like about it. No worries if you don't. Either way, you have a good day!

Thanks for the fav! :3

Please do, those two stories are my best! And if it isn't any trouble for you, could you please show these stories to others? I would appreciate it very much.

liked your Vikings story. And I might track and read vengeance is torch.

Thanks for the follow, may I ask how I earned it?

  • Viewing 58 - 67 of 67
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