Look at them! They are the most adorable ponies out there.

Lacking any filter for stories with thestrals I felt it necessary to create a group for stories about these ponies of the night to facilitate ease of browsing. I hope you all enjoy and I welcome any ideas you have to improve upon this.

Important when adding new stories please add them to the correct folder.

Rules and Regulations Here

Share your Bat Pony OC here!!

Skyblazer (Founder of Board)
(Feel free to ask us anything or if you have a good idea to share. Don't worry we won't bite unless you are made of fruit)

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Interestingly enough, in Portugal Mythology they have legends of two similar creatures, one is named Cavalo do Pensamento aka the Thinking/Thought Horse, the other is called Cavalum, both are described as Horse-like creatures with Bat-Wings, breathes Fire, and could summon/control/manipulate Storms, perhaps the Bat-Ponies are like a Sub-Species/Lesser Species of these creatures or something, so maybe we should start calling the Bat-Ponies by something like these, I mean I could see Cavalum work as both a Singular & Plural, like Deer or Fish, and at least then we wouldn't need to use a name that would force us to pay Royalties to the owners of the Harry Potter Franchise, because it would be based on Real-World Mythology.

Batponies are best ponies.

Several years now. I believe we are the largest bat pony group

Hey, excuse me for asking, but does anyone here knows of a certain fic?

It's a mature rated fic that basically about a night guard getting punished by her female superior after he got caught insulting her under his breath. I remember she uses like a mouth gag and a whip. It's a complete femdom.

Last I remembered the cover pic is that one infamous pic of Midnight Blossom with a sexy stare.

Also, I'm the 2301'th member to join sorry aaaaa

after you create the story you can add it to the group then pick the sub folder based on its maturity rating

yes they are. there are a few stories that feature them as part of the night guard

How long has this club been around for????

I'n not adorable, an I'm certainly not cute!? *makes an awfully adorable angry/pouty face*

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Unicorn-batponies. Can they be a thing?

i have a few batpony ocs heh i may make a story about bat ponies soon idk since i suck at writing

I came across this group while looking for bat pony foals on the internet for a new story, I hope you guys can accept me.

HI i'm half bat pony and i absolutely would love to join the group


I am new to this group ssnd have a bat pony oc of my own. But I was wondering, how do I submit stories about my bat pony and how do I make sure ut is in the correft folder?

Any feedback would be appreciated. Thank you.

I can't find whoever you are talking about by name.
what is the story called?

so...... do vampires count as bat ponies :rainbowhuh:

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