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If You Could Make A Fallout Faction, What Would It Be Called? · 5:12am March 6th

If you could make your own fallout faction to be added into the next game in the series , what would they be called? What would they do and why? Would they be like the Minutemen or the Gunners? Neither? Then like what? I'm interested to see what people say

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I'm gonna focus on my stories, but you can write your own mein kek

hmmm... how dis?
country transported to equestria. and now they have to ally with the griffons to stave off the empire of racist ponies

I don't really like the idea of a human bein transformed into somethin other than a human XD, but you could write it

i got an idea for a new story....
humans reincarnated into griffins... and the world is under the stranglehold of racist ponies.
how dat?

  • Viewing 170 - 174 of 174
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