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If ya wanna chat with me and have me reply asap then pm me for my discord and we'll chat there


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While I know Im not the best writer here Im glad you ponies like my stories and bother to give the time of day to read em,ive even collected a small bit of fans who live my displaced bill cipher story ^w^ i never expected it to get popular as it is now but I lost the plans i had saved in a txt file for the story,my pc got reset so ill have to try and remember it so for now the chapters will just be random or go by the episodes

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new rule ,i ask you please ASK me before you add any of my stories to any group except for the following
fallout crossovers/anything fallout related groups ,human groups,and the displaced group

how do i make a blog on here? idk how

i have a new story idea,a displaced one that involves *dramatic pause* ZOMBIES! MWAHAHAHA

Thank you for the Follow:pinkiesmile:, looking forward to more stories from you, especially The Displacement Of One Bill Cipher:pinkiehappy:

Nah, I'm in a similar predicament and I use my free time to write the chapters of my ongoing fic, but thanks for the offer. Besides, Bill is one of those characters I enjoy seeing/reading but I have a hard time trying to imagine what he would do next, so I'm not the best to write about him.

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