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If ya wanna chat with me and have me reply asap then pm me for my discord and we'll chat there


Do you want it? · 8:15pm October 12th

Now some of you may remember my story 'A New Empire' and when it was finished many wanted me to make a sequel, but the question is, do you want one? if so should it be a one shot like i have planned or chapter by chapter, keep in mind it took me months to put my fingers to the key bored of my laptop and months of thinking of ideas for said story before I even THOUGHT of writing it so if you want one post ideas in pm if its chapter by chapter, but if you want it to be a one shot comment oneshot

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new rule ,i ask you please ASK me before you add any of my stories to any group except for the following
fallout crossovers/anything fallout related groups ,human groups,and the displaced group

how do i make a blog on here? idk how

i have a new story idea,a displaced one that involves *dramatic pause* ZOMBIES! MWAHAHAHA

Thank you for the Follow:pinkiesmile:, looking forward to more stories from you, especially The Displacement Of One Bill Cipher:pinkiehappy:

Nah, I'm in a similar predicament and I use my free time to write the chapters of my ongoing fic, but thanks for the offer. Besides, Bill is one of those characters I enjoy seeing/reading but I have a hard time trying to imagine what he would do next, so I'm not the best to write about him.

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