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If ya wanna chat with me and have me reply asap then pm me for my discord and we'll chat there


Your Oc here! · 12:26am January 11th

Hiya everyone! I wanted to try something new, if you want to have an oc in this, and that oc must be evil keep in mind, message me with the details, and if possible a small backstory and a picture of the oc you want to have in my story, this has a few guidlines, one, no alicorns, two, they must be evil, and completely fine with killing, three, they must get along with someone like the lich, if you send info as said before send me the information in private message, or at my discord, if you

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I asked that last year lol

Sorry lad, but there's simply no point to asking the people here not to place your stories into unauthorized groups without your consent. They'll just do it anyways! What you need to do for every story is go to edit, look for the shared groups by default button and disable it.

new rule ,i ask you please ASK me before you add any of my stories to any group except for the following
fallout crossovers/anything fallout related groups ,human groups,and the displaced group

how do i make a blog on here? idk how

i have a new story idea,a displaced one that involves *dramatic pause* ZOMBIES! MWAHAHAHA

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