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Element Gauntlet · 12:59pm February 21st

Hey everyone this blog post is to ask for input o what the Element Gauntlet should be able to do. I don't want Jekyll to be too powerful so I've been debating on if it should just enhance his normal abilities or do more. It will already allow him to mess with the minds of others as in the most recent chapter he stole Twilight's magic knowledge. Also, I will be altering the names of the elements whenever Jekyll awakens which won't be the next chapter as I wish to work on the other characters.

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Thank for the watch

Nice and if you like I may have some ideas/suggestions for ya on 40K ideas

I might do a WH40K story eventually but not anytime soon although I do plan on using a lot of WH40K designs in Hail to The King.

Hey I’m wondering but you thinking of doing a more WH40K story later on or not really?

Message from 'Khornate': MILK FOR THE KHORNE FLAKES!

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