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Hey everyone, BK here! Just wanted to give a quick word of thank you for your interest x3 If you want to help support me, check out this link! https://www.patreon.com/AidenFlack

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A Patreon? · 11:45am Jan 23rd, 2017

Hello, Loyal Followers and Readers! A friend of mine sent me this idea, and I read it over a few times and began to think on it long and hard, deciding to go with it... That's right, I have created a Patreon. Now, you're all probably going "You shouldn't have done that! Free is awesome!" Well, I'm not exactly doing this for my own benefit, to be perfectly honest, haha. This Patreon is going to be used for my Writing Career, to get my works published and the likes, along with building

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Grudge and Iron · 3:27am Jan 26th, 2020

Legends spoke, when the green men swarm the lands, all of Equis would be doomed. All of peace and harmony would be thrown into chaos, and destruction, as death swept across the lands without mercy. None, not even the Elements or the Princesses, will have the power to stop their tideless swarm and fanatical prayers to the yellow crescent moon.

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I hope you will update several of your stories later on in the near future

Hey BK hope you don’t mind but I made a Tribute to “Daughter of the crimson king”.

Hope you like it!

Yes please update the sentinel sun story

Hey just wondering but are you gonna update any of your stories in the near future or what?

You okay? Ya haven't touched my little hatchling in years.

If you haven't heard it enough yet, thank you.

May I ask For you to Update these two The Freeblade and The Nurse, Sentinel of the Sun. I love these two stories and would to see them go...:applecry:

May I ask For you to Update these two please:raritydespair: The Freeblade and The Nurse, Sentinel of the Sun. I love these two stories and would to see them go...:applecry:

Comment posted by Alienqueenslayer deleted Mar 14th, 2022

Ah, unfortunate.
Well we understand and patiently await your return.
Your mlp40k fics inspired me to take my shot at it with a 12th legion loyalist, I would absolutely love it if you gave it a look (when you have time, of course.) The title is Lost Loyalty.
Endure. For it is Mankind's fate.

yes work and bills have me on focus and limited time

Hey BK, are you still active? Just asking because... I don't think you've posted anything since last year. Is everything alright?

You sir have me enraptured with every single one of your stories, each one capturing me within its grasps of story telling like a fish within a hawks talons. You sir are a artist of literature and deserve high praise for the ideas you place here. Bravo sir, bravo.

Just finished Her Guardian within the Shadow. That ending funeral brought me to tears. It was such a perfect way to end a story. Amazing job man.

Okay thanks and good luck with that.

Ive been forced to put all projects on hold for right now Dx been working my tail off at a new job to get both me and ze lady a new place.

Hey BK you ever going to update your story the wolf and the rainbow?

When is the next part of rise of the warhawks

It will! I’m just having writer’s block with that story and a few others xD plus, my real novels, work, and drill; is keeping me preoccupied x.x I want to keep working on the fanfics, but time is not my friend atm.

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