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Hey everyone, BK here! Just wanted to give a quick word of thank you for your interest x3 If you want to help support me, check out this link! https://www.patreon.com/AidenFlack

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    Legends spoke, when the green men swarm the lands, all of Equis would be doomed. All of peace and harmony would be thrown into chaos, and destruction, as death swept across the lands without mercy. None, not even the Elements or the Princesses, will have the power to stop their tideless swarm and fanatical prayers to the yellow crescent moon.

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    I have been working on a novel, and just finished it thirty minutes before this blog post. It has reached 61k words and is hopefully the first book of three!

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    Holy shit... You guys will not believe the trouble I have had over the past few months x.x I couldn't do ANYTHING with the online site! Having to message and reply to people over my phone because of "Incorrect Signature" error constantly appearing on my computer! I mean, I couldn't update, I couldn't reply, I couldn't do -anything-. But, I'VE FINALLY GOT IT FIXED! WHOOO!

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    Gron holding up his Little Lin x3

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A Patreon? · 11:45am Jan 23rd, 2017

Hello, Loyal Followers and Readers! A friend of mine sent me this idea, and I read it over a few times and began to think on it long and hard, deciding to go with it... That's right, I have created a Patreon. Now, you're all probably going "You shouldn't have done that! Free is awesome!" Well, I'm not exactly doing this for my own benefit, to be perfectly honest, haha. This Patreon is going to be used for my Writing Career, to get my works published and the likes, along with building up something special for you all... Heck, as a gift to my biggest patrons, I may even build one of the Key Characters in my Warhammer 40k stories, and send them to you, using that money! There is also an idea of me posting my work ON TO PATREON, so you are allowed to have a first hand sneak peak of future stories that I will be trying to get published! If you want this chance, and wish to support it, I will leave a link to the Patreon below! To show more love to you all, the moment you become a Patron, message me on either Patreon or on here, letting me know, and ask which story you love to see updated! Can only pick one, so choose your favorite, and I'll update it!

Just so you all know, a teaser piece is already up! And I've been told by a few that they like it x3


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Really man? You're going to abuse that too? To hell with that.

I’m not abusing anything? I’m not MAKING people do it nor am I suggesting it. Though, if you notice, 90% of those who do commissions require such.

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