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When Twilight was born, her parents weren't who she thought they were. Regardless, the two god-like entities loved her dearly, not wishing to depart with their beautiful daughter... However, after an incident involving an malevolent entity, that wanted her for some dark plot against all mortal beings, they agreed to disguise and send her away. The decision becoming more painful to both sides, as the link keeping the two god-like beings together, had been cut.

Twenty years later, during an attempted spell, Twilight had been attacked by the entity once more, taking its new chance at her. With its link to her world cut, only able to manipulate the spell, the Entity decides to send her to a different realm, where he has his pawns lying in wait to capture the valued prize. Now, the princess finds herself fighting along side the web-slinging hero, Spider-Man. Though, they have another ally that had been sent to protect Twilight at all cost, even if death comes for him. This protector being something neither teens had ever seen before in their life time...

An Astartes of the XV Legion, one of the Thousand Sons.

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Red Sniper is dead, and it seems like things haven't gotten any better for RED Team's friends... Now, RED Engineer rushes to save his closest friend, a second daughter almost, from the wrath of Grey Mann! Will he save her, or will the normally logical defensive fighter fail to save a second daughter? Only one thing is for sure, nothing is going to stop him from protecting the last good thing he has left, not even an army of Robot Look-a-Likes!

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He couldn't let this lie, not now. This was his chance to pay back the one person who truly changed his life. Red Mann didn't give him this assignment, Red Sniper made this one himself. The others will not help him on this, the skilled assassin decided this was a job he can only do himself. No other shall get involved, her life was his to save... No one else's.

The BLUs were after the one that pulled him out of the gutter, out of the darkness within his mind. They showed him quite a time, and always had that smile on her face. She made him feel good about things, made him want to keep seeing the next day. To keep fighting on, so that she could keep smiling.

That's a promise, and a professional keeps his promises.

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Things didn't go, as planned, in the Crystal Empire. Sombra was defeated, but he used a clone to try and take the Crystal Heart. Now, he has Twilight Sparkle captive, and trying to force her to become his student. Celestia, stricken with grief, sends every pony she has to search for her valued student, who was like her daughter... Not knowing, another has come to help. A being that has been around far longer than any other. One that was old when Celestia was but a foal, and has sensed the trouble within Equestria. Knowing he could not physically help, the being decided to assist Twilight in learning a power that many consider dangerous... But it is, truly, the only way to defeat Sombra.

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