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Hey everyone, BK here! Just wanted to give a quick word of thank you for your interest x3 If you want to help support me, check out this link! https://www.patreon.com/AidenFlack


Reason For Silence · 8:32am Jun 28th, 2018

I know you are all wondering why I haven’t been posting anything or updates, there is a perfectly good reason for this besides work......

I have been working on a novel, and just finished it thirty minutes before this blog post. It has reached 61k words and is hopefully the first book of three!

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I FIXED IT! · 5:52am May 18th, 2018

Holy shit... You guys will not believe the trouble I have had over the past few months x.x I couldn't do ANYTHING with the online site! Having to message and reply to people over my phone because of "Incorrect Signature" error constantly appearing on my computer! I mean, I couldn't update, I couldn't reply, I couldn't do -anything-. But, I'VE FINALLY GOT IT FIXED! WHOOO!

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....Nightmare of Shadow-WHAT JUST HAPPENED!? · 3:20am Apr 1st, 2018

So, been mulling over a story concept while I work on other projects... And I had another Warcraft / MLP cross over idea called “Nightmare of Shadowmoon”. Told a friend, and she now ships the main character with her character. I’m laughing at Gor’zag’s reaction xD

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Got Some Art To Show You All! :D · 2:12am Mar 19th, 2018

Hey everyone! A friend is doing some drawings, and I wanted to share them with you... AND THEY ARE OF YOUR FAVORITE PAPA ORC!

Gron holding up his Little Lin x3

Gron passed out... WITH GLORIOUS HAIR!

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Revised: Lament of Julius the Stalwart · 6:34pm Jan 5th, 2018

His name is called, but none shall answer. They look for him, upon the towers of Sodaria, but none will see him return. His name is called, but no longer will the son of Markus answer.

Through the fields of Narowind, fields of golden wheat, to the marble city of Sodaria, did the sun shine bright over her Empire. Though, heavy upon her heart, did she wonder. Where art thou is one of her sons, who stood proudly with his Lady's mark.

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Nothing Is Abandoned · 8:12pm Dec 28th, 2017

Ok... I do not know how many times I have to say this, before it gets through....


Seriously, I do not have the time I used to, and cannot write that much. When I can, it is only for a few minutes. I HAVE to be working. That is why it is taking a while for me to update -anything-. There is also the fact some stories do not flow easily as others, another reason why it is taking so long. Trust me, they will be updated.

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Death of Hope · 8:39pm Dec 26th, 2017

Just watched the Death of Hope Trailer, and I must say...

I AM GITTY WITH EXCITEMENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Especially loved how it looked like those Ultramarine Catapratchtii intercepted the World Eater one that had been chasing the mother x3 CANNOT WAIT!

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Update Focus · 12:20pm Dec 22nd, 2017

Hello everyone! Just gonna let you all know what I’m gonna focus on within these next few weeks, when I have a chance. Here are the top five coming up:

1. A Thousand Lessons

2. Freeblade and the Nurse

3. Commissioned Story by two Patrons, combined together into one(since they asked for the EXACT SAME THING and time isn’t my friend).

4. His Rose, Her Master.

5. Wolf and the Rainbow.

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Now, I know what you are all thinking here... · 5:58pm Dec 5th, 2017

Now, I know what you blokes are all thinking right about now...

“Ura-dul! What is a handsome looking, mighty, Olog like yourself doing in Equestria?”

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Hammer.... DOWN! · 4:10pm Nov 14th, 2017

Figured you guys will like this :3


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