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When Twilight was born, her parents weren't who she thought they were. Regardless, the two god-like entities loved her dearly, not wishing to depart with their beautiful daughter... However, after an incident involving an malevolent entity, that wanted her for some dark plot against all mortal beings, they agreed to disguise and send her away. The decision becoming more painful to both sides, as the link keeping the two god-like beings together, had been cut.

Twenty years later, during an attempted spell, Twilight had been attacked by the entity once more, taking its new chance at her. With its link to her world cut, only able to manipulate the spell, the Entity decides to send her to a different realm, where he has his pawns lying in wait to capture the valued prize. Now, the princess finds herself fighting along side the web-slinging hero, Spider-Man. Though, they have another ally that had been sent to protect Twilight at all cost, even if death comes for him. This protector being something neither teens had ever seen before in their life time...

An Astartes of the XV Legion, one of the Thousand Sons.

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Firstly sorry about last night my autism and overactive imagination got the better of me. Secondly I am going to do a tally of your warhammer 40k cross overs let me know if I miss one.
x2 Salamanders
x2 Night Lords
x2 Thousand Sons
x1 Ultramarines
x1 Legio Custodes
x1 Iron Warriors
x1 Space Wolves
x1 Black Legion/noise marine
x1 Khornate Berserker

7368787 Kharion is not Black Legion, he's just another Renegade that uses sonic weaponry. If you noticed, his armor coloring is black and SILVER.

7368831 I was wondering when you would post this here.

IT ...IS ... HERE!!!!!
It's finally here.


:raritystarry: Ah! I remember reading this on fanfiction.net. Quite honestly a decent story and holds some inspiration from Spiders and Magic. I'm not too familiar with Warhammer, but that didn't stop me from like the story. Nice to see this here on fimfiction! :pinkiehappy:

:unsuresweetie: Although the paragraphs aren't spaced out here like they are on fanfiction.net. Perhaps you could fix that?

7369091 Could... Buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut that requires me to go to each, and every, individual paragraph and putting a space between them -_- too tired atm for that.

7369101 I see. No worries.

Good to see this added! I really enjoyed reading it on Fanfiction.com, thought it was a good mix of Marvel, MLP and WH40K!

UniqueSKD wants a hug!

So this is a crossover with an alternate Warhammer where the Horus Heresy was basically just a minor annoyance instead of a major event in the Imperium?

Don't you mean 16 seeing as Magnus was already there? unless one of the missing primarchs is there as well.

7370891 Alpharius and Omegaron make sixteen. Would have been 15, but seeing how they're twins?

7370909 It might just be how I read it but it seems to me that you made it sound like the Emperor brought 17 primarchs with him.

7370969 *shrugs* There are seventeen. With the twins, there were a total of 19 Primarchs. Now, with Lorgar gone to the warp and Horus dead, there are Seventeen total(counting Magnus). Sixteen showed up with the Emperor. With the Emperor, seventeen showed up.

7371035 Technically 21 including the missing primarchs.

Oy... leave it to JJJ to open his mouth at the wrong moment...

After Magnus the red thoroughly defeated Doom.
Aww yaa you don't f*** with Magnus the red.
*See seven Lords of change*:rainbowderp:......well.....f***

heh heh chaos corruption and lords of change he he don't relise twilight is harmony incarnate

He couldn’t help but also imagine the image of Twilight wearing a female version of the Thousand Sons’ Power Armor, prompting more fits of laughter.

YES JUST YES DO IT NOW!!! :pinkiehappy:

“Seven thirty sound alright?”
Twilight gave a nod. “Sounds good to me!” She waved goodbye, Peter returning the wave, while watching the young hero leave.

Ship Ship Ship Ship Ship Ship Ship


D-Do I have a crush on Peter?” She thought.
“I heard that.” Azhek said, telepathically.
“Azhek! Stay out of my private thoughts!” Twilight yelled, hearing the two men laughing.

Yeah the lols here :rainbowlaugh:

“She has your beauty, my love… But it seems she also got my thirst for knowledge!” He couldn’t help but also imagine the image of Twilight wearing a female version of the Thousand Sons’ Power Armor, prompting more fits of laughter.

That moment when a parent aknowledges themselves like, "Bitch that my kid and you know it."

Plus, I haven’t had a chance to speak in this story for a while. (FOR A REASON DEADPOOL!) Oh be quiet you, I know you love me.”

:rainbowlaugh: oh wow, well done deadpool, you've broken the 4th wall :rainbowlaugh:

Azhek was silent for a moment. “<This will be… Most intriguing.>”

I like how it end so casually, like-- just hearing someone elses thoughts thar are like "here we go" it sounds so funny :rainbowlaugh:

Amazing story,


Peter+Twilight= Best pony/human spider thingy couple :pinkiehappy:

epic story. like the change in the warhammer40k history

I would love LOVE to see a sequel of this, it's too good not to have one.

You misspelled Ahriman's first name. The H comes before the Z.

7486416 i know I did. If you been to my fanfic account, and read A Lavender Feather, it is the correct spelling. I left it here as a reminder to myself.

7486549 I don't use fanfiction anymore, it keeps crashing my computer for some reason

It's power armor, isn't it?

7371984 and having his foot force fed to him.

He couldn’t help but also imagine the image of Twilight wearing a female version of the Thousand Sons’ Power Armor, prompting more fits of laughter.

Dumb question, seeing as Twilight is basically Primarch 2.0 and seeing as she is the daughter of Magnus, couldn't they use her genome to create female Thousand Sons? If so, if/when you write a sequel I would love to see Twilight get some cousins. I would also like their children to play a part.

This story really needs more love:twilightsmile:

7486549 You should bring that here as well.

7579422 ehh i just want twily in power armor i know it wont happen this story but come on twily with a freaking chain sword

The snake said, trying to calm the mutate

Dr. Doom is a human though

7734982 Actually, he is classified as a Mutate. His mutation was not really natural, and caused by an outside force. Think of it as the same process involving Deadpool and how his situations happened. Except, more accident and less biologicial super soldier chop shop.

Fulgrim x Rarity OTP

7735178 Yes I realize that now that it was Doom based off the movie rather then the comics sorry about that

Who's the Crimson King? Is it Magnus the Red? Cause I'd really like to read a fanfic with Magnus being a main character.

You know it's weird when the most common spell, other than telekinesis, that you see Twilight use is teleportation but she hasn't used it once in this story.

It's awfully convenient too. It's like if Rainbow Dash forgot she could fly if the plot demanded it no matter how out of character that would be.

Anyway, I do enjoy this story.

Also, a drinking game. Take a shot every time someone blushes. :trollestia:


“Here, change is constant and nonstop, there are thousands of magical fissures here! I am the Changer of Ways, the Sorcerer God! Here, my power only grows more with each passing second!”

Is that a reference to how comics are always changing via Alternate universes, events and retcons?

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