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Godzilla, the King of Monsters. A terrifying beast of epic proportions, but he wasn't always this way. He was supposedly the last of his kind, the last Godzillasaurus, or at least he thought he was. When the United States bombed the city of Hiroshima, however, the excess radiation caused him to mutate into the form we know.

Eventually, after the death of his daughter, he decided that the humans should pay. He put up a good fight, yes he did, but the humans eventually defeated him and froze him in ice. Now, millions of years into the future, he finally breaks out and rampages into what he thinks is the Upper Canadian regions of North America.

But this isn't North America, well, at least not the one he knew anyway. He'll be in for a big surprise, and so will a certain purple pony. What exactly, all I have to say is... tune in to find out.

This is a reboot to my old story: Daughter of Godzilla. Since there are complaints of a messy plot, I made this story. Let's put this revival to the test, shall we?

All vectors belong to their respective owners. Twizilla belongs to Pyrus-Leonidas. The cover art itself belongs to me.

Chapters (14)
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Comments ( 89 )

Pretty good attempt at a reset, am I right?

Yes it is better, keep it up

Eagerly awating the next chapter.

This seems kind of redundant.

I'm going to wait on this, see how far you get with this then give it a chance.

oooooooooooooooooooo I THINK I'M GONNA LIKE THIS STORY

I wonder why it didn't show an update. It should have.

Twiliy and Gojira have finally met.

It's nice to see that you decided to try again instead of just giving up which is something I can't say about some other authors. I can respect that. :twilightsmile:

Fourth chapter's done.

Will other Kaiju appear?

You'll see as the story goes on.

Why thank you. What's your critique?

It's very good Twi at leasts understands Godzilla's stance on things even if she doesn't agree with all of it.

And Twi, you have eaten meat before...as a human. But still nice moment between them.

Oh, and what did you think about Twi's new desire for whale meat?

Though, I'm asking you what should I do for the next chapter?

Leave your critiques in the comments.

aaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwwww yyyeeeeeaaaaahhhhh!!!!!:rainbowkiss:

still interested in this story and not losing my interest anytime soon!:twilightblush:

can wait and hope that twilight goes full primal tho......thats a thought...

"She would be more than happy to burn a civilization of sentient quesadillas away. Those things are pure evil in the form of food." I always laugh when I remember her fear of quesadillas lol

I just want a comment.

Maybe your story is just that jaw-droppingly epic that you have taken the commentiness out of the readers.


...or the fact I don’t know what to say in said comment. Not out of jaw-dropping epicness, but out of...not knowing.

So the commentiness is still lost.

Maybe describe the friends in detail


Yeah pretty much. Just for different reasons, but yeah.

Ahhhh Fluttershy mistress of the obvious.

Fluttering fee fish so out of everyone she is the least likely to judge the meat thing.

Next chapter, the ponies get to talk to Twilight and they return home.

.........of course Fluttershy would speak first.

And the voyage home is here.

Finally, Chapter Ten is up.

Why doesn't anyone give me feedback?

Just give us time some people will need to read it a couple times before they know what to say or then there are others who are too shy to voice their opinions for stuff. However for me personally I’m liking the story so far and it really does show that you’re thinking about what’s going into the story before you write/post it :twilightsmile:
I’m sorta in that second category btw so I don’t normally comment since someone else usualies make the comment for then I just upvote it lol

Cause not everyone is able to get on and read updates at the same time some of us have work and things like that. Other wise a good chapter though the end part with biollante didn’t make much sense to me but that’s my own opinion

She's gonna return once that crystal is gone.

love it. ^^ huge godzilla fan and love these type of crossovers lol

Okay. BTW, Twilight learned the atomic breath technique.

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