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I've lurked around for a while, reading some good stories. Now I'm ready to start posting my own stories for others to see.


An unexpected invasion of Equestria has happened. Without warning, Princess Twilight Sparkle and her friends have been abducted by aliens. When they next wake up, they find themselves inside new robotic forms not unlike the build of their abductors with muddled memories of what happened when they were brought aboard the ship. Before they could regroup, they're randomly scattered throughout another universe. Each one will have to learn the new properties of their robot bodies in order to find each other and find out why they were placed inside their new shells. Their journey will not be easy as they will have to deal with some of the nastiest 'Cons in Cybertronian history.

Pony/Transformer designs are based off of some of Atomic Chinchilla's drawings which were commissioned by NovDecJan. Co-written with Largefish8

Chapters (6)
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the ponies should also be able to also shrink down to look like their pony protoform form.

Comment posted by Cydra deleted Jun 8th, 2016

7286877 speaking as the co author...I think thats what is happening...I;ll have to ask cydra though to confirm. Hope everyones enjoying this so far though.

7285666 yyup, those are indeed the pictures cydra used when he came up with this. I;m not usually a fan of the transformers cartoons, having only ever seen the CGI cartoon, prime and transformers animated, but this was fun to write


MOAR!!!!!!:flutterrage:...if you don't mind.:fluttershysad:

All I'm gonna say is this, if Rainbow Dash doesn't face Starscream I will be very disappointed.

7310400 Relax, I thought out that part way before I even started on this story.

7313026 Good, I can await the next chapter without worry, just great anticipation.

Man, that was kind of awesome. By the way, 2 suggestions. 1: Fluttershy should meet up with Grimlock. 2: Twilight and Optimus need to meet up.

There is a plot hole you may want to fix, you never mentioned if Applejack ever got her arm/leg back or not. other than that good Chapter.

7346954 Actually, it was mentioned that she got it reattached, about the time she and Twilight were riding on Dante's mech.

I knew it would be Rainbow Dash VS Starscream. After all, Death Battle did it. :)

So I just saw the story when I was browsing and I can't help but Wonder why haven't heard of it before. I realy hope its as good as it looks becauzeHoly cats this sounds SO AWESOME:rainbowkiss:

Btw message me if youre ever going to rewrite or redo some or all of this i like suprises as mutch as the next pony but i draw the line at books:twistnerd:

Woah I never knew there was a third faction in the beast wars universe :pinkiegasp:

I think that may be the comics lore or from one of the Beast Wars amines, as there was no mentions of this faction in Beast Wars.

Twilight should be punished with a war crime, no being deserves to suffer the Gen 3 Ponies.

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