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Godzilla was always known as the King Of The Monsters. He kept balance in the world and destroyed any monsters that would threaten Earth. For years, he protected the human race, but one day, they deemed him too dangerous and sent him very far away. Stuck in a new land inhabited by ponies, Godzilla now has to eliminate the threats that vow to destroy Equestria. Will he be able to defeat these creatures, or will they have the brains to outsmart the King Of The Monsters?

Disclaimer: This is just a collection of chapters where Godzilla defeats the villains that were introduced in the show plus some bonus creatures. Prepare yourself for a lot of intense scenes, violence, destruction, and loads of heartwarming moments.

You can read this story on Fanfiction here: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/14096872/1/Godzilla-Equestria-s-King-of-Monsters

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Will he be able to defeat these creatures, or will they have the brains to outsmart the King of The Monsters?

How can they?! He's frickin Godzilla for Pete's Sake. MLP Villain's are very tiny, and obviously weak against Kaiju's, especially the King.

The only MLP Villain that might have a SLIGHTEST chance is Tirek! And probably Discord, because of his reality bending powers.

This is something I typically do where I leave a question at the end of the chapter. I only do it to keep the readers engaged and hooked to want to make them keep reading the story. I know it might be dumb to even ask, but it's something I've done in the past on my fanfiction stories. I hope that clears up any confusion you may have. If you have any more questions, feel free PM me and we can discuss it together.

I don't understand how tall Godzilla is. In the film, he is about 120 meters tall, but here it is said that he is eight times taller than Nightmare Moon. Is Godzilla's height reduced in the fanfic?

That is actually a very good question. I never really thought about that until now. I mean, when I watched Godzilla: King Of The Monsters, the humans were so tiny compared to Godzilla, but I guess Nightmare Moon is a little bit bigger than most humans. It might be more like five or six times bigger, but I just said that for some reason. Once I do some more research, I'll edit it and make the change. Thanks for pointing that out man. If there is anything else you are confused about, feel free to PM me at anytime and we can discuss it further over there.

Thanks so much bro. I appreciate the compliment. This is a story that I have been wanting to do for a little bit now and it's finally coming together. I hope you enjoy this story because I've put a lot of effort into it and I want it to do well. So once again, thanks for the support and if there is anything you want to talk about in the story, you can PM me at any time and we can discuss it there together.

That dragon got his ass hand to him

Yeah, he practically did. But that's what makes Godzilla so special. He's able to kick ass whenever a monster steps out of line. And when they do, they'll definitely pay big time. You'd think monsters would know this by now, but some never learn. So, it is what it is. They might suffer, but at least we all get some entertainment and satisfaction from it.

So all the other Titans including Godzilla’s wife Mothra going to be in the next chapters

Actually, yes. You will some other titans appear later on. I won't say when, but I can tell you that they will be included in this story. You will see appearances made by MUTO, King Ghidorah, Rodan, and Mothra, and maybe even MechaGodzilla too. I might even throw King Kong in there too. So, we'll see. But there will be appearances by the other Titans. That I can guarantee. If you have any more questions, let me know and I'll respond to you as soon as I can.

It would be a good idea to let Luna and her sister and the main six into Godzilla dreams so he could tell show them and the rest of equestrians inhabitants why he does it what he does and so then what happens to those who threaten the bounce a nature that control in the sun and moon and The weather
And the animals

That's actually a really good idea. I actually am planning on doing something like that in this story. It might not be exactly the way it fits your description, but it's pretty similar to that. I appreciate your input man. Feel free at anytime to give me some input on things I can do in this story to make it better. The door's wide open.

Have Doctor serizawa appear in it to

Oh sorry about the A I didn’t mean to put those in

Even though you say it might be a mistake, you will actually see Doctor Serizawa make an appearance here in this story. I can't tell you when, but I can confirm he will make an appearance. I think it would be too crazy to not include him at some point in this story. He's that much of an important character. So, do expect his appearance sometime in the near future.

I just realized Celestia had control of the power of the sun as did Mothra
Could Celestia be Mothra reborn and if that is the case put it in The next chapter of celestia
remembering that she was The queen of the Titans and Godzilla was his wife and still is his wife
Maybe they can finally embrace and kiss each other after so long and rule their kingdom together at long last

As much I really like that idea, that's not actually the case in this story. But, I could put that in there as some sort of bonus chapter or maybe even create a whole new story talking about that. I think it would definitely be a very interesting idea and I'm sure lots of people would enjoy that kind of idea. Thanks for the idea!

Creating a new story is a good idea Celestia was once Mothra Godzilla’s wife In another life from the world And having her remember but she was once a Godzilla’s wife is it will be a great story go for it

Thanks man. I appreciate your input. Once this story is complete, I will go ahead and get that underway. There is a lot I can do with that and I think it will be a very interesting story to read. If you have any other ideas that I could make into MLP stories, let me know. I would be happy to add it to my list and put up on my queueing system.

There’s a MLP YouTuber called scribbler
Who reads fanfiction from this website she even has an account on this
website as well and she is also a good voice actors to do even made her own fanfics as well
She’s really good ask her if she could read your fanfiction

Yeah, I have definitely heard of her and that is something I will consider. I have watched several videos on her channel doing that sort of thing and I am also aware of the things she does on her YouTube channel. So, once I get done with this, maybe I'll ask her if she could read this story. It would allow me to get my name out there and could definitely draw in a larger audience. So, we'll see how that goes. Anyway, I get to back to writing chapter 5 here. I hope to get it done tonight and if not, it should be up by tomorrow. If there is anything else, you would like to suggest, let me know and we can discuss it.

Why isn't there an anthology tag?

I guess I forgot to put that tag in there. To be completely honest, I didn't know what it meant until recently. I'll try and add the tag in there if I can. Thanks for pointing that out, man!

Have the main six and the princesses meet Mother Nature
So that she can show them why Godzilla exists and what happens so thame The price to those who threaten the balance and those who think they can control nature

As of right now, no they have not. But I have something planned that will be similar to that in the coming days. You just gotta be patient with me here. Believe me, you will enjoy this or at least I hope so. It will be worth the wait.

Godzilla doesn't has "weaknesses"? Why the heck do these weak MLP Villains think they have a slightest chance to?

Unless they are some other OP Kaiju like King Ghidorah/Mecha King Ghidorah/Keizer Ghidorah/Monster X, Biollante, Space Godzilla, Mecha Godzilla, Gigan, Hedorah, Megaguirus, Dogora, those two M.U.T.O's, or Destoroyah, etc..

One simple answer: pride. Throughout human history, pride is what led to people's downfalls. It's the same principle here. Even though these are different creatures, the point still stands. These villains believe that they'll be able to take anyone out that stands in their way. This includes Godzilla. They have never seen him before, so they think it will be an easy defeat. Even when they get a small victory in the battle, they think it will get easier from there. Where things turn for the worst is when Godzilla gets back up and keeps fighting. Eventually, they realize that he is unbeatable, but they don't want to admit that. So, they simply whine and yell out insults even though it does them no good. I know it seems ridiculous to even ask the question about weaknesses in my AN's, but that's my writing style. I do that to keep readers hooked. They might already know the outcome, but it makes them excited for the next chapter or at least it should be. I hope that cleared things up for you and if there is anything else you wanted to discuss, feel free to shoot me a PM and we can discuss there.


Guess Villain's these days have very low IQ! :rainbowlaugh:

If it were up to me. I get the HECK out of there, and invade somewhere else.

I'm getting a feeling that the next chapter will be Godzilla's Ultimate Test as well as Twilight's. Bcuz Sombra, like Ghidorah is a Rival Alpha and a False King in Godzilla's eyes who believes he is the rightful ruler when in reality the Big Guy is the Rightful King. This will be Godzilla's Ultimate Challenge to show all of Equestria, The Crystal Empire, and Sombra who the One True and Rightful King of Equestria is like he showed to the world and the Titans when he fought against King Ghidorah on Earth and like Simba did when he fought for the freedom of Pride Rock and the Pride Lands against his evil uncle Scar. For a true king's power is his compassion and unbreakable will to protect his subjects and his kingdom. As it was said for both Godzilla: King of the Monsters and The Lion King 2019 remake; Long Live The King.

You would be mostly right on that. This will be a very big test for Godzilla in the Season 3 premiere. But I believe the ultimate test will come in the Season 9 finale. That one I believe is the ultimate challenge. We all know that Godzilla can defeat any monster one-on-one, but can he defeat multiple ones at the same time? I think you'll find it very interesting to see how that goes down. We all probably know the outcome, but we can have fun speculating. But in all seriousness, Godzilla is the real King of Equestria here in this story and not Sombra. He's simply trying to be the Alpha like King Ghidorah was trying to do. But we all saw how that turned out in the 2019 movie Godzilla: King Of The Monsters. You can probably expect the same here.

I've got an idea for u on what can help Godzilla against King Sombra. Since the Elements of Harmony gave Godzilla the strength to turn Discord to stone now making him the Element of Balance, how about the Crystal Heart chooses Godzilla instead of Sombra as the Rightful King when the Dark Unicorn tries to consume it, magically bonding with the Big Guy temporarily and giving him enough strength to destroy King Sombra during the final battle. And then after Sombra's defeat, he returns the Crystal Heart to Twilight allowing her to do the honor of restoring the Crystal Empire.

I actually have an idea that was similar to what you are saying. I would explain it right now, but I don't want to give away any spoilers. It will be interesting to say the least. I think you'll enjoy it. I just gonna finish up this chapter.

Some of these chapter titles confuse me. I mean, what does Godzilla have to do with "order"? Shouldn't giant city-destroying monster equal chaos?

I put the word order in the title because the purpose of Godzilla is to restore order and balance in the world. While it is true he destroys a lot of things in his path, it all eventually gets rebuilt. In the example of his battle against Discord, things were so out of balance that there was anything but order. While Godzilla may have done some chaos himself by fighting him, the goal was to restore everything back to the way it was and maintain that balance in the world if that makes sense. I know the title can seem confusing sometimes, but that's only to fit the narrative that goes along with Godzilla. If there is anything else you are confused about, feel free to let me know and we can talk it about some more.

Godzilla is gonna tear sunset apart

You're probably right. This will definitely be an interesting battle to say the least. Pretty much all of these villains that Godzilla faces are gonna get their booty cheeks handed to them. It ain't gonna be pretty and it will be pretty ugly too. But this will definitely be an easier battle for Godzilla since he's basically going up against a high school teenager who's been corrupted by the most powerful Element of Harmony. I'm already starting to work on the chapter and it should be out in the next few days. That's only if my schedule cooperates with me though. If it doesn't, we're looking at the weekend for this next chapter to be done. But hopefully, that won't happen.

sunset got har back side handid to har

Yes, she certainly did. But instead of ultimately destroying her, Godzilla decided to change her back to her human form in an effort to give her another chance. He believes that she was misguided and needs to be led towards doing good instead of evil. While it might be tradition for Godzilla to destroy any monsters that don't submit to him, he can detect certain emotions. Godzilla has evolved so much over the last several thousand years, so this is considered nothing new to him. Even though he put her in her place, he wanted to give her another chance to redeem herself and be shown the Magic of Friendship. He may be powerful, but he ain't heartless or emotionless. I think we can all agree on that from what we've seen from the King Of The Monsters during battle.

Can’t wait to the next chapter and it says some thing about a muto
Speaking of which will the same muto from King of the monsters
Be making an appearance she was not like the others of har kind
Maybe Iver is a rogue or knows her place in the balance I would not dare threaten it

The MUTO that was shown at the end of King Of The Monsters will make an appearance in a later chapter, but the ones that will be shown next chapter will be the ones seen in the Godzilla: 2014 film. Most of the next chapter will be surrounding around that movie, but it will also talk about the mysterious disappearance of Celestia and Luna and the looming threat of the Everfree Forest invasion of Ponyville. I hope that answered your question, and if there is any more you have, let me know and I'll try to give you an answer.

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Я буду ждать

я люблю читать книгу но и вас также ими вы создаёте этот замечательный кроссовер от создателей фильмов Легендрного Годзиллы и
Бернда Дружба это чудо? Это самый лучший кроссовер где нашы главные героини пони начнут со существовать с Годзиллей именно он является истенным Корол Монстров? В это главе
который вы пишете я надеюсь что наша главная героиня принцесса Твайлайт спаркл и её друзья
вместе с Годзиллей который стал для них другом
и защитником, и Королём Монстров победят этих порозитов Гннусов смеца и самку и освободят принцесс.

Да, что-то в этом роде. Написание этой главы заняло у меня очень много времени, но я вложил в нее много сил. Я думаю, вам понравится. Может быть немного длинновато, но я думаю, что это будет здорово прочитать. Я как раз заканчиваю заметку автора, и новая глава должна выйти через несколько минут.

Да мне глава очень понравилось и я снитерпением жду 12 главу. На это раз Принцесса сумеричная искорка вместе с друзьями а также и её другом и защитником и
Королём Монстров по имени Годзилла будут сражаться против злобного и древнего врага по имени Лорд Тирек.

Godzilla is gonna break every single bone in tirek’s body starting with his arms and legs

Yeah, you're probably right. Historically, Godzilla will basically beat the crap out of any monster if they do not comply with him. He does this to give them a chance to submit, and if they still refuse, they get a death sentence from his atomic breath. Like Sombra, Tirek is trying to establish himself as the Overlord of all Equestria or alpha in this case. But we all know that Godzilla is the alpha predator and the TRUE King Of The Monsters. So, while Tirek will try to establish himself as the Alpha of the Equestrian planet, Godzilla will come to put him back in line and execute him if he refuses to comply.

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