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This story is a sequel to The Elements of Harmony and the Savior of Worlds

The Conversion Bureaus have won. Humanity has been ponified, all traces of our civilization wiped clean from an Earth turned into Equestria. Princess Celestia rules over all, the tyranny of free thought abolished.

Humanity is at the cusp of a golden age. With allies both near and far, biped and quadruped, we strive for greatness, united as never before. Our mark shall be made in space, our influence felt throughout this Spiral Arm.

The Tyrant Princess sees this and is angered. A dome is opened... but this time, humanity is not alone against the Conversion Bureaus.

A spinoff/sequel to The Elements of Harmony and the Savior of Worlds, taking a place about a year after the events there, and my own little 'take' on the Conversion Bureau. This makes it a crossover with Transformers Generation One, GI Joe A Real American Hero and My Little Pony G1.

Thanks to Velkaden for the title. As well as Shubzilla for proofreading, the anti-Conversion Bureau for their help and SJC for help with the look of Megan.

Trope page: Here.
EQD link: ... A man can dream?

Chapters (24)
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Comments ( 1017 )

To be honest, I was actually a bit apprehensive about this fic because I don't tend to like crossovers. You're off to a good start, though, and I look forward to reading more :twilightsmile: You've certainly got the TCB-verse ponies' personalities down pat.

On a final note, I had this song playing in my head during TCB-Celestia's scene.

EDIT: Oh, one problem I noticed...

"'At the very least they could've put us in a room with a bit more flair or style!” She rolled her eyes and grunted. 'Honestly, would it hurt to add a little color to this place?'

Applejack glanced over. “Yah realize most of them here wear less clothes than we do,'"

Applejack's reply doesn't really seem to make sense. Rarity complained about the decor, then Applejack said they didn't wear many clothes. I don't really see how the two are related.

EDIT 2: "Celestia scrapped a hoof"

Should be "scraped."

Looking good!

Now I want to see how the true EoH view the "corrupted" ones (TCB).

Interesting. You've definitely caught my attention.

They were lucky not to encounter Decepticons.

AWWWWWWWWWWW YEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAHHHH! Keep it up! :rainbowdetermined2:

Can't wait for the next chapter. This should be a very interesting story.

Why did you have all of humanity converted ? :applecry:

cant wait for the next chapte :twilightsmile:

Autobot City, aka Metroplex, eh? So is this pre- or post- movie/Season 3? If pre-season 3, is it set in the lost year between Unicron's defeat and the first part of Five Faces of Darkness? If pre-movie, how long till the Decepticon assault? If set during season 3, is it before or after The Return of Optimus Prime? I sincerely doubt it would be set directly post Five Faces of Darkness, since Dark Awakening, which featured zombie Optimus, was in it and that was only three eps past Five Faces of Darkness....though I could see Celestia trying to cut a deal with the Quintessons and have both of them planning to backstab the other. There's also one other issue I'm curious about. From all indications, this is set in the continuity of the G1 cartoon, but will there be elements of the comics, such as Primus, and further exploration of the Matrix and its powers? In the G1 cartoon, it had some pretty interesting abilities and in the novels based on the G1 universe (Hardwired by Scott Ciencin, and Annihilation and Fusion by David Cian respectively, all three set in a singular shared story universe based off the G1 TV show, from what I can tell, though the trilogy is also linked to the Dreamwave comics based on the G1 TV continuity) and the comics and novels based on the G1 cartoon, they explored that quite a bit, to say nothing of Marvel's G1 comics, which were very different from the cartoon, and really expanded on the Matrix and Primus and the like.

Good stuff so far, and I'm faving this. I also have read the Elements of Harmony and Savior of Worlds on Fanfiction.net and faved it there. Planning to do the same here as well. Can't wait to see the next chapter of this!

(Yes I'm a G1 nerd. I have no shame about it.) :twilightsmile:

Honestly, the whole humans-forcibly-converted-to ponies thing is a major turn off, and gets rid of any sympathy for the ponies right off the bat.:facehoof:
I do not care that Celestia is a god, converting humanity would not work from what I know of us. And if they keep up their multiversal conquest spree, the will run into an earth that is ready for them. And the ponies will be Bolostomped. And all the time, I will be cheering on the humans.

Other than that, it seems very well written.

poor ponies they are going to lose so bad

looks like evil!celestia tyranny with the TBC is about to be megastomped by autobots!! sweet!

I personally am hoping this fic is set at a point where Optimus is alive. Cause he would so completely curbstomp Tyrant!Celestia so hard. SO. fucking. Hard. The frightening thing is that compared to tyrant!Celestia, MEGATRON actually comes off as benevolent by comparison. His credo of Peace Through Tyranny doesn't extend to forcibly turning humans into some other species, at the very least. He actually has something resembling morals and ethics. Yes, yes, I know this is the leader of the Decepticons we're talking about, but even when he became Galvatron and went batshit insane, he still had certain morals and lines even he wouldn't cross. And remember, we're talking about a guy who more than once attempted genocide in an attempt to either conquer Earth and/or Cybertron at various points in his life, or just the universe in general, and even then he still comes off as more respectable than tyrant!Celestia does in this fic so far.

Looking forward to more. :twilightsmile:

You have my full support in the war against the tyrant and her mind wiped subjects.

Optimas Please be here because only you can tear celestai to pieces and make it awesome!!!!


He said we'd be getting the next chapter sometime next week. :twilightsmile:

What happened to the image in here for the Autobot insignia though? :rainbowhuh:

750878 Ya I was wondering about that to. What did happen to it?


If I knew, I wouldn't have asked! :rainbowlaugh:

752915 Well you dont have to be rude:trixieshiftleft:


Wasn't trying to be. I was trying to be funny. Sorry about that. :twilightoops:

Comment posted by BronyReynard1986 deleted Jan 3rd, 2016


A post-ME3 Galaxy and TCB universe crossover would be interesting...

711120you forget that there are two sets of ponies. the TCB versions and the good versions. were supposed to chear when the good guys beat them like crazy.

756382 you are now imagining tyrantlestia and her subjects coming to the 41st millenium.

>you are now imagining tyrantlestia and her subjects coming to the 41st millenium.
They'll get curbstomped in the first chapter.

I was really baffled at first when I read this was a sequel to Savior of Worlds before I realized the Celestia responsible for TCB mess was from an alternate dimension. I have to admit, I do look forward to the true Celestia and company telling Tyrant Celestia and the deranged TCB ponies where to stick it.

I await the next chapter. I really hope this updates as fast as possible. I can't wait to see the Autobots....and maybe even the Decepticons (even they would find The Solar Tyrant disgusting. As TVTropes says, Even Evil Has Standards) curbstomp the fuck out of the TCB!ponies.

708243 Yeah, crossovers carry their own special brand of... 'not sure if want'. Sadly appropriate song, there. And thanks, corrected.

708555 That will come, eventually. Not gonna be pretty, that's for sure.

710030 Hope you enjoy. :pinkiehappy:

710200 'Cons might only appear in a... different role than what some might expect.

710385 Thanks, and I'll try.

710442 Hopefully this week. Cross your transistors!

710532 Sadly, that is the conversion Bureau. They care not for us, not as we are.

710794 thanks, and hopefully coming.

711031 This actually takes place in 2012. And don't worry. I'm a bit of a TF geek as well. :twilightblush: As in having watched the series back in 1984 itself. As for Marvel, yeah. it's almost a given that there's some cross-franchise-pollination with Transformers. Although the primary is from G1 animated. And glad you liked 'Elements of harmony and Savior of Worlds', too.

711120 Not too fond of TCB-Equestria myself. Don't worry, they'll get theirs.

712083 You have no idea...

713727 And humans, and Equestrian ponies a lot closer to canon than insane TCB-things.

714491 Optimus is indeed alive and well. As for Megatron, well... *Sees insane galvatron* Yeah, not so good for the Decepticons in this particular fan-verse.

714816 Well, against the Tyrant and the original TCB-ponies. The other ones must be pitied, saved if possible... released if necessary.

722839 Thanks, Shaft. ;)

724557 I shall try!

730619 He will not be alone.

746625 Apologies. A bit of real life happened this week. :fluttershysad:

752011 Again, y apologies, as per my blog post on the subject, this week was a bit rough for me.

756382 yeah, this one is almost a mercy compared to others she might meet.

757222 I've... actually never played any of Mass Effect. I know very little of it.

780462 There will be multiple 'reason you suck' speeches. Megan will be giving the TCB-ponies one.

788097 Sorry, sorry...

789935 Not much with the 'Cons. They're busy splintering.

Okay, as my blog post mentioned, I had a bit of problems this week with my therapy session and talking with my mother about it, as well as the radical change in my schedule beginning soon. I have some of the next chapter written out and can restart on writing it tomorrow. Thank you for your patience.


Sorry to hear about the therapy problems and all, hope things work out on that front.

Interesting note on Galvatron. The implication is that when Optimus used the Matrix to cure the Hate Plague, he also cured Galvatron of his insanity. If you look at the planning Galvatron put into his attempt to destroy Cybertron and Earth...that comes off as much more like a plan Megatron would pull. Galvatron was never that good at planning after he was submerged in plasma on Thrull. Genocidal? Yeah. But at that point I think Galvatron was pretty well at the point of launching a 'scorched earth' attack because he was fed up with the Autobots and humans getting in his way all the time.

2012, huh? Nice. Does that mean you're going off anything from the Japanese continuation of G1? They went a lot further in G1 than we did. They also retconned the three part finale, too.

Ponies and Autobots...I'm digging this. I've always imagined that Celestia and Optimus would get along very well.

Takes place in 2012? That means that it is post Nebulos! Does this mean that we will be seeing Powermaster Optimus Prime and Hi-Q or is he Laser Optimus Prime by now?

711120 Better: An Earth where they knew about Multiverse Travelling. They would erradicate Celestia and the invaders... And then EXTERMINATE and CLEANSE the other Earths (the ones that had fallen to the TCB ponies)....



Oh, like one of the colony/resource worlds of Centrum or Infinity?


or they will run into the IOM

I just thought of something: Rarity + Tracks = javascript:smilie(':raritystarry:');


I have never read any of the Conversion Bureau fics, and I have no idea how to find the original.

That said, I will be watching this with interest.

Just wait until Rainbow Dash meets Warpath or Powerglide.


831837 Or any of the Arierail Bots for that matter. Wonder what Twilight and Dash will think of Skyfire.

:rainbowhuh:whats this about twilight having a human friend i thought they had already converted the humans
or are these ponies from a universe that arnt disgusted with humans

When the TCB-fags (not sorry for saying that) get here, the Autobots, the Elements and Humanity are gonna woop their hides.

831897 These are the true Elements from Hasbro-verse, not the TCB-fags.

831902 ahhh that makes sense hmmmm methinks this is going to be interesting

831923 That... Makes SO much sense.


You mean the heavily armored spaceship scientist who got absolutely no respect and was never seen again after the episode "Day of the Machines"?

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