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I'm an old-school MLP fan, glad the new show is doing great.


This story is a sequel to The Conversion Bureau: United We Stand

Discord's time of freedom draws near. Celestia has prepared, though. The Bearers of the Elements of Harmony stand ready to seal him up once more. Everything will go according to plan... but whose plan?

A story in the Hasbroverse, taking place a few weeks after the Conversion Bureau: United we Stand, the tail end of season two and late 2012.

Please ignore anything from the My Little Pony comic, especially concerning Cosmos. I do not read them.

Cover art was done by Inspector97 on DeviantArt. Source is here.

Chapters (2)
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Well let's just see where this goes then.

“Discord, Discord!” she shouted

Well, there's your problem. You have to shout the name three times.

Megan is way more interesting for Discord because she is a toy he has not played with before.

Well just that ending has me very interested.

Eh it's fine if you ignore Cosmos. She was potentially very interesting but she was comprehensively wasted and seemed to mainly serve to whitewash Discord.


The comics have a different continuity that the show. Some stuff can be made to fit in, if you are writing a fanfic while others can't.

Accord, the first Ark were they fought Queen Cheese, and Nightmare Rarity are not bad. The rest tends to be terrible.

Heck the whole Accord thing could have definitely worked as a two partner on the show.

The ink on the paper glowed. A small hole appeared on it, and a translucent shade of Discord snaked its way out of it. He reached out, grabbing Megan's shoulders with his lion's paw and eagle's claw. “My dear Megan!” he said, eyes dancing with an inner fire, “it's so nice to meet you! A spot of tea in the Royal Hedge Maze? Why thank you. We'll have such an insanely good time!”

It begins.

I see lots of things that can go with this.

  • Will Discord meet Unicron and take what remains of Unicron i.e. head?
  • I wonder how he will react to the matrix of leadership? As it is a piece of Primus.

I am really liking this site so far!

Oh indeed. I definitely would have tuned in for an animated telling of the Accord arc.


It definitely made Discord sympathetic in a sad way, like the Ice King in Adventure time.


Discord and Unicron have different goals.

Unicron wants to eat the Universe, Discord doesn't want to break his toys too fast or an easy victory because that's boring.

What one has to remember when writing Discord is that everything he does, he does to have fun.

"What's wrong Megan, getting some problem at being both a human and a might Alicorn Queen at the same time? You silly PONY! I am the one who is supposed to be chaotic!

Discord is always a good villain, reformed he was still a bit of a jerk which was what I liked about him. But he always made the best villain.

Man, Discord is a major dick in this story.

You know, as much as friendship is magic, you gotta love the villains that are just so delightfully evil. I still miss evil Sunset on some days.

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