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I'm an old-school MLP fan, glad the new show is doing great.


This story is a sequel to The Conversion Bureau: United We Stand

Discord's time of freedom draws near. Celestia has prepared, though. The Bearers of the Elements of Harmony stand ready to seal him up once more. Everything will go according to plan... but whose plan?

A story in the Hasbroverse, taking place a few weeks after the Conversion Bureau: United we Stand, the tail end of season two and late 2012.

Please ignore anything from the My Little Pony comic, especially concerning Cosmos. I do not read them.

Cover art was done by Inspector97 on DeviantArt. Source is here.

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Well let's just see where this goes then.

“Discord, Discord!” she shouted

Well, there's your problem. You have to shout the name three times.

Megan is way more interesting for Discord because she is a toy he has not played with before.

Well just that ending has me very interested.

Eh it's fine if you ignore Cosmos. She was potentially very interesting but she was comprehensively wasted and seemed to mainly serve to whitewash Discord.


The comics have a different continuity that the show. Some stuff can be made to fit in, if you are writing a fanfic while others can't.

Accord, the first Ark were they fought Queen Cheese, and Nightmare Rarity are not bad. The rest tends to be terrible.

Heck the whole Accord thing could have definitely worked as a two partner on the show.

The ink on the paper glowed. A small hole appeared on it, and a translucent shade of Discord snaked its way out of it. He reached out, grabbing Megan's shoulders with his lion's paw and eagle's claw. “My dear Megan!” he said, eyes dancing with an inner fire, “it's so nice to meet you! A spot of tea in the Royal Hedge Maze? Why thank you. We'll have such an insanely good time!”

It begins.

I see lots of things that can go with this.

  • Will Discord meet Unicron and take what remains of Unicron i.e. head?
  • I wonder how he will react to the matrix of leadership? As it is a piece of Primus.

I am really liking this site so far!

Oh indeed. I definitely would have tuned in for an animated telling of the Accord arc.


It definitely made Discord sympathetic in a sad way, like the Ice King in Adventure time.


Discord and Unicron have different goals.

Unicron wants to eat the Universe, Discord doesn't want to break his toys too fast or an easy victory because that's boring.

What one has to remember when writing Discord is that everything he does, he does to have fun.

"What's wrong Megan, getting some problem at being both a human and a might Alicorn Queen at the same time? You silly PONY! I am the one who is supposed to be chaotic!

Discord is always a good villain, reformed he was still a bit of a jerk which was what I liked about him. But he always made the best villain.

Man, Discord is a major dick in this story.

You know, as much as friendship is magic, you gotta love the villains that are just so delightfully evil. I still miss evil Sunset on some days.

Well, let's see the corruption. It's show time q. Er, you know what I mean.

Bloody hell, this Discord plays hardball.


Is not so funny when his pranks are no longer stopped by the PG ranting.

Hey if you didn't have the Morbius Doctors, you can put Peter Cushing there all you want.

What, no Valeyard?

Or Richard E Grant?

Or Ruth

Or the other 2 actors who have played the first doctor?

Or the ones from the stage productions?

Or the additional 4 (possibly 5 although Sir Derek Jacobi's character only really hallucinated he was the Doctor) for the Dr who Unbound series?

Or the ones from The Curse of Fatal Death?


In canon, Discord is more of an amoral prankster than evil.

This Discord has the mindset of the kid who steps on ants for fun.

Has anyone ever wondered where Discord's opposite is? Seriously it seems like all beings of magic in this universe have a counter part to balance things out. Tirek's rainbow of Darkness what countered by the Rainbow of light. Celestia is balanced by Luna. Honestly I'd say due to the dark nature of things back in G1 the Rainbow of light was the main counter balance, but there were also other magical objects to balance things out. This begs the question of where is the spirit/master of Order? Even if it isn't strictly a good guy it should still exist to balance out Discord.

Heck even Star vs The Forces of Evil had a Bing of Order to balance out the Being of Chaos.

Maybe it's more like Discord is "what's left over". Kind of like in Kingdom Hearts were realms of light and dark also have a realm of nothingness that's also present at all times. Rather than having a balance like much of the MLP universe, Discord is the embodiment of the friction inherent in the system. That light and dark have a push and pull, and Discord is the embodiment of chaos from this. This could obviously be taken in several different ways.

In his original nature, this makes him inherently destructive, because he lacks the greater purpose of having a lifelong opposite to play off, and so he sees all things as play things, and used his unlimited power to make that happen without regard to the purpose of his being.

In his reformed nature, it's more like he's inherently more complicated than original ideas of good and evil since he thrives off of being disruptive to ideas and order is bad for him in excess. But that with some "controlled chaos" work, that disruption can be used in positive ways.

But, given that striker wants to " play hard ball" with original nature discord, this is him without those things that could hone his being into something constructive. Instead creating a mass disruption that will spell DOOOOOMMMMM!!!

Wow an actually polite and well thought out reply. Color me pink because I'm pleasantly surprised and ready to throw a party. Seriously I tend to get attacked by both people and writers when I ask questions like that, so thank you for actually be polite and adding onto the conversation.

You bring up several very good points, and while I've never played Kingdom Hearts I do understand what you are saying. I guess I've just seen too many series that have a being or chaos and a being of order that want to end each other. Going to the DC universe for a second You have the Lords of chaos that wish to send everything into anarchy (Or at least one of them does), and the Lords of order that oppose the Lords of Chaos. Normally they do a very delicate dance that balances out the Orderic and Chaotic energies, but neither side is above completely destroying a universe and remaking it if things get two out of control.
Now while I'm used to that kind of depiction for Chaos and Order, I must say your interpretation is very fascinating and could make an interesting bases for a story in and of itself. If that is the case though then Discord would be like Apocalymon from digimon. A being that is born from the left over data of every Digimon that dies, since they are made out of data and when they die they just start life over again in their original form, the left over data from their previous life needs to go somewhere. This means Apocalymon is basically in constant pain, but can basically use every attack from every digimon that ever died, and his own original attacks are powerful enough to wipe out two universes.

Though since there has been multidimensional travel down before I am curious as to what would happen if Discord met another god or godlike being from another universe that either had similar powers to his own or could just straight up nullify them. Heck both She-ra and He-man are owned by Hasbro so we could see them make an appearance. Imagine if someone got a hold of something like the Logos Stones from He-Man 2005 (Might be the 2003 remake), but basically they are two magic stones that if you say a certain chant one stone would turn into an armor that granted the wearer complete invulnerability. Imagine giving Megan one of those stones or Optimus Prime one and Discord trying to harm them only for his magic to be completely useless. Or He-man's Sword of power combined with the Elements of Harmony, and the Matrix of leadership.

Heh. Funny enough, I originally was going to use Apocalymon as my example, but then I thought that might be too far back a reference. Guess I was wrong.

Also, strictly speaking, with Megan still having sealed omnicorn powers, she might not need anything extra. But bringing in more stuff is usually fun, if not always necessary in creating the story.

And if I hold myself to one standard, it's to treat others no differently online from real life. So speaks my Christian values. :pinkiehappy:

Hey I'm a sucker for 90's anime. Original Digimon and Pokemon are my jam. I'm just as surprised that I didn't need to explain Digimon to someone for once.

Also the armor the Logos stones form resembles a medieval mech. So when I was writing that I thought of Optimus Prime wearing a medieval, magic, mecha armor.

Will they falter like they did in canon or not? Let's wait and see.

At least he's making better arguments this time, making it personal rather than abstract. If I were him and feeling particularly vindictive, I'd raise Pear and Bright anyway, and make it clear that it was my chaotic magic sustaining them. Nothing like the classic ogre's choice.

I still think Rainbow Dash part should focus more on Dash having to decide between saving Cloudsdale and staying loyal to his friends.

I dunno. Part of the power of discord is his ability to use half truths to make a lie seem perfectly plausible, so I don't quite think he's going for a full truth to AJ. But at the same time, this is going for the jugular, and seems to indicate that his plan for the elements is to play on their greatest desires and fears.

For applejack, it was the the burden of responsibility and the power of family. That she and the family had to grow up extra fast due to the tragedy of losing mom and dad. That what discord is offering is a chance to get it all back. But, to do so would be to live into a lie: that despite the pain it caused, it also made them who they are. Would you trade the honesty of reality and growing for the lies of fantasy and removing regrets?

For Rainbow, it's the allure of recognition and the challenge of geographical spirit. RD is given an opportunity to be the biggest hero ever, to achieve all her hopes and dreams. To get all she ever wanted. And all she has to do is prioritize 1 place over the whole nation. Is your loyalty to a dream and a memory? Or is it to duty and the great good? So asks discord.

Hmm, that does pose some interesting questions then of what angle to go after the others. Besides basic illusion, what could play on Rarity's vanity to go into greed? How to push on Fluttershy's dark side of anger and make that primary over kindness? How to play on Pinkie's inner insecurities but also twist her own reality bending to take away the laughter? To needle on Twilight so that magic is tragedy and she breaks in a world with even more friends? Well, let's see how it goes.

Well that was intense. Really shouldn't, but I'm loving this Discord.

Huzzah! Megan is finally going to learn to use her magic.

Why would we think that the My Little Pony comic has anything to do with this story?

How to be a goddess 101, first step, learn to listen to yourself.

Best guess? Stuff that happened in the Comics especially the Cosmos Arc, might happen here as a coincidence because RK doesn't read them and while writing may end up put something in that actually happened in the comic first without realizing it.

Cool chapter. I don't trust this spirit mentor, not one bit.

raised eyebrow? So...in the meta arc of the EOH&TSOW, this is Megan accepting godhood? In the first story, it was understanding that though she was just a mortal, what she did was the work of a god. In TCB, it was having Godhood thrust upon her, but rejecting it due to the method of getting it. So, now with a literal mad god taking them all on, should she take on the burden of Celestia and Luna? She always wanted to help, but does she need to take the last step to outlive her immediate generation now?

Well....we'll find out soon out.

Even if you hadn't gained the powers of an alicorn, it would be just as likely for you to outlive him, as for him to outlive you.”

Well assuming she's the same age as her husband she's got a significantly higher than 50% chance of outliving him, women tend to live several years longer than men.

Agreed, heck some of it is directly canon because of the Pillars thing, those comics tied directly into it, expanding it and the lore the show didn't go into like with the Dazzlings, when Stigian first met them, and what happened between the time he ran in the show and brought them back to fight them, that happened over days as the comics show as the Pillars hadn't met one another til then. Then there's Season 10 in comic form.

Personally I don't even think the Seige arc was retconned or contradicted. One has to wonder, was the Sombra in the show in Season 9 even the real deal or his leftover malice and evil given form while the real one was already pardon and far away looking for Amore's shards? If Emperor Mateus can pull that in FFRK by not even being the real one, why not MLP?

Perhaps, though if it was his malice being resurrected instead, it wouldn't mention the Umbrum anyway, they're unimportant to a being of pure evil, hate and malice who seeks only revenge and destruction given that Sombra's actions. Being cocky too could be an added part. Plus before the Comics Sombra didn't have much of a personality anyway. Conquest, Revenge and Cryssssssttttaaaaallllsssss. You know? It's the whole reason he was considered a joke in the fandom for a long time even that Gak had more screentime than him for some reason and that was an unrelated commercial. The comics are what expanded on him to make him more likable as a character.

True that is possible if that's what it's goal would be if not simple Revenge and destruction like lashing out at the cause of its hate, the ones who destroyed him. If I'm right then we have a being that being only malice and hate that wouldn't care about it's kind, only about getting revenge at the ones who caused it's hatred to exist. Much like Mateus's malice from FFRK who blind with hate and revenge attacked Tyro and the others, unrelated to the ones who killed the real him 3 times over. A being made only of hate while the original is lone gone.

It would be interesting the parallels between the 2 if they happened before each other given both are popular in Japan and they'd have gotten the event before Global.

Dunno if the fic will continue or if the author will read this but...

I had an interesting thought about the Megan situation and I had a flash of insight as to the solution to it all. And namely, that flash of insight was "whether Megan has divine-level power is irrelevant. Megan is Megan".

To explain more properly...

Mortality and immortality are often portrayed as a binary. But is it truly that clear cut? And is gaining so-called divine-level power truly enough to instantly become ever-lasting? What makes a "god" a god, in fact? Does it truly matter?

Yes, Megan should not reject that power of hers. But embracing it in the way Discord suggest is not merely incorrect because it's Discord suggesting it.

There is a quote in an excellent FiM fanfic that sum up the reality of it: "The first rule of immortality is that someday, you will die".

Maybe that power will extend her life. Maybe it won't. What matters is using whatever time she have left to its fullest, like always. For all we know, the power might simply be power and won't grant her longer life. And what if it does? It merely means she won't have an arbitrary timer on her life and won't know in advance how long her role will last.

All she have ever done is help out her friends using whatever means she have. Discord is trying to make her think that just because she have new tools that are very potent, she should stop doing that and rethink her role.

Beside, in a way, Megan is already and always will be immortal ; through her legacy in both her family and through the impact in history of now several worlds, her life will continue to influence those who knew her and those who will be inspired from her. And this, she achieved without the need for any "divine" powers. They're just an extra. There is no need for her role to change.

I've been following the series since you first started with Savior, and I adore it.

It's a shame that the Filly Alicorn from Twilight the Terrible wasn't able to help out New Equestria.

Oh, taunting Discord? That's dangerous.

I like Pinkie Pie in this chapter, I bet Discord's about to put his hands in the air to give up and go nope.

Does Megan Williams ever physically appear in this series?

Yes... she got married and is now Megan Richards now.

Hmm...I....I guess for this discord, while he goes hardball for "civvies", while dealing with the elements, he goes for a more "foxy" tactic.

Like comparing how he approaches the different bearers, his first priority isn't pushing their buttons by going after their vices, but rather playing to their desires, and trying to get them to play ball thanks to that. Which...is valid. I don't deny that it's a perfectly valid move. But at the same time, this makes discord feel...thematically odd. It's like he comes off initially exactly the petty prankster he always is no matter the season, but in this pushing phrase, he feels....oddly sincere. Kind of like you're trying to make lucifer and loki work together in one character, and it doesn't quite work for me. Within the logic of the original show, Discord pushing AJ, pinkie, Rarity and fluttershy's insecurities feels congruent with his petty nature. But here, discord gets more vicious, but at the same time more smooth? And the elements are now moral anchors for the bearers? A carry over from when they beat the conversion bureau?

Like I said, it's not necessarily bad. Just....odd.


Thing is, this Discord doesn't quite know what to do. And unlike regular Discord, this one is... I wouldn't say beyond salvation but he is evil.

He is selfishness to the extreme while Canon Discord was alone and needed friends.

Megan definitely is something he has no clue how to deal with; he thinks he can wing it but if he actually KNEW, Megan would have being tied up to Queen Cheese anti magic chair and then shot repeatedly until she was dead for good.

Like it or not Megan is now the ultimate defender of Equestria but because she is still mortal, as she can be killed, she can act instead of doing the indirect way that Faust and others have to do.

While this is basically a test for the Harmony Bearers, this is also a test for Megan herself.

Megan cannot win unless she accepts herself and stops pretending to still be human.

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