• Published 12th Feb 2020
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Chaos Runs Rampant - RK_Striker_JK_5

Discord escapes from his stone prison and wreaks havoc.

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Chapter Six

Endless racks of clothes, of all kinds, styles, colors, and sizes greeted Rarity. She trotted down a hallway, occasionally grabbing an article of clothing off its hangar and floating it in front of her. “Too light, too dark. Too heavy, too light. Too long, too short.” She sighed and adjusted a pair of Pince-nez glasses that had appeared on the end of her muzzle. “Really, Discord. Are you trying to wear me down with these crimes against good taste?”

Discord's voice echoed over Rarity's head. “I know, I know. Hideous, aren't they. I don't know what I was thinking with them.”

The end of the hallway started brightening. Two silhouettes emerged from the light, quickly resolving themselves into Hoity-Toity and Photo Finish. The two trotted up to Rarity, cantering around to flank her. “Come, darling!” Photo Finish shouted, waving a foreleg in the air. “We need you to do... ze magicks!”

Even as Photo Finish spoke, loud, thumping music started blaring all around Rarity. Loud murmurs and chatter could be heard from the light, along with the occasional flash of bright-white light against pale yellow.

Rarity smacked a hoof against her forehead. “You have got to be kidding me. I am not that desperate for fame and/or fortune, Discord! Your pathetic little play at my ego will fail. I am the picture... of... refinement...”

Rarity's words trailed off as the light dimmed. She was suddenly on the far right side of a stage, a long walkway jutting out into a throng of reporters and fashionably-dressed ponies. Mares and stallions pranced down the walkway, dressed in eye-catching–and sometimes eye-searing–outfits. Reporters jotted down notes, while photographers took dozens of pictures, their flashbulbs almost washing out the runway models.

Several of the reporters turned in Rarity's direction. “There she is!” one shouted. The group moved as one amorphous blob to the far end of the stage. The reporters thrust microphones at Rarity, their shouted questions blending into a din. The photographers' flashbulbs all lit up in a strobing pattern, a few feet from Rarity's eyes.

Rarity's eyes spun as the light assailed her. The babbling of the reporters and others blended together, slipping through her ears and into her brain. She held up a foreleg over her eyes, while her ears folded over her head. “No, no,” she said, stumbling back slightly. She turned away, blinking rapidly. “Really Discord, this is what you think of me?” she said, looking up and shaking a hoof to the heavens. “Some tawdry little egomaniac who will fall under your sway at the slightest hint of fame and fortune?” She tapped the Element of Generosity hanging from her neck. “Well, I'm a bit more sophisticated than you think, darling.”

Oh, Rarity! You're quite mistaken, my feisty fashionista! This is all window-dressing for what I can help you do, my dear.”

A voice from behind caught Rarity's attention. She spun around as an earth pony slowly walked up, head bowed and eyes barely making contact with Rarity overall. “M-Miss Belle?” the cream-colored mare softly said. “I-I just want to thank you for hiring me. I'll work my hardest, to reward your faith and generosity!”

Rarity stared at her. “I see... whoever you are.” She groaned. “Really, Discord. Stop this nonsense immediately! I seriously doubt I'd be able to hire anyone with the fashion industry subsumed by your chaotic taint!”

Actually, Rarity. If I may borrow your marefriend's Element, the fashion industry is almost too chaotic for me to handle. I would stay far, far away from anything to do with fashion, Rarity. It would be an equitable exchange if you stay away from me.”

Rarity blinked–and she was suddenly surrounded by other ponies, and even the occasional griffin and zebra. All were clamoring for her attention, their voices blending together into a buzz that passed right through Rarity's ears and into her brain.

Discord's voice joined them. “You'd gain the fame and fortune you so desire–I mean, deserve. You'd be helping out hundreds, if not thousands of your fellow Equestrians. And all you'd have to do is turn back and let me go. Wouldn't that be so... so generous of you?”

The crowd began gathering around Rarity, pressing in against her. Some of them held cameras up, flashbulbs popping. The bright lights quickly fell into a pattern, blinding Rarity and dazzling her. She held a foreleg up to her face, but the sheer amount of flashes overwhelmed its meager protection. Small spirals appeared in her eyes as both the light and sound wormed their way into her mind...

Rarity's foreleg dropped down, brushing against her Element of Generosity. The gem embedded in the necklace vibrated and flashed, the spirals in Rarity's eyes vanishing. She shook her head. “W-what was that?” She looked around, her upper lip curling back. “Oh, you ruffian! Trying to pull one over on me, Discord?”

Well, I figured a little push wouldn't be too bad, my dear. As those wonderfully chaotic humans would say, mea culpa. Still, the offer is genuine. As are my feelings toward fashion itself. I mean seriously, two types of plaid over a disco ball? That makes ME dizzy!”

A bright light behind Rarity caught her attention. She spun around, finding a golden portal swirling about behind her. A dark silhouette faded into existence near the center of the portal, resolving just enough so four legs could be seen below a torso, and a head and neck at one end and tail at the other.

All your dreams come true, Rarity. All those people saved by you doing the simplest thing. Why, I'd even throw in a certain somepony I know you're clamoring for... sugarcube.”

Rarity's mouth went dry. Her gaze lingered on the silhouette as its head turned, showing off what could only be described as a hat. Shecleared her throat. “If you think that is... tempting to me...”

I'd be right. And there's nothing wrong with that, Rarity! All your dreams and ambitions, all you would ever want, and it would only take the simplest of actions to get everything... and everyone you wanted.”

Endless balloons floated about of an almost-infinite color. They fell from the ceiling in endless waves, swarming around Pinkie pie as she hopped along. She groaned as the balloons scattered about with each hop, only to cluster around her again. “Come on, Discord! I can't see two feet in front of me!” She shook her head, whipping her mane about and scattering the balloons about... only for them to roll right back at her.

Discord's voice echoed all around her. “But I thought you loved surprises, Pinkie! I know you love your family, and one of them was named Surprise. So why don't you love the surprise I'll be showing you? It all seemed so... ugh, so logical in my head. Now I have a migraine. Why do I have a migraine?”

Pinkie paid him no mind as she continued on, hopping about. Her Element of Laughter jangled each time she launched herself into the air. “So where am I going, Discord? Discord... Disco!” Pinkie Pie nickered. “Makes sense.”

I'm not even sure how to respond to that. Well played, Pinkie Pie. I'm quite impressed. You deserve a reward for your cleverness!”

Lights started flashing from above. One shone directly onto Pinkie, casting her in a spotlight. Loud, thumping music sounded out as a gigantic disco ball lowered from above, suspended in midair. It started turning, the lights bouncing off of it.

Pinkie's tail and backside started twitching in time to the beat. She cocked her head to the side, but quickly stuck out her tongue and rolled her eyes. “Urgh, is that a muzak version of the Bee Gees? Discord, have you no shame? Have you no taste?”

Would you prefer the Village People? What about Donna Summer?”

Muzak versions of both the Village People's music and Donna Summer's started playing, along with the Bee Gees. The three tracks blended together into a cacophony, forcing Pinkie to shrink down. She pulled out several wads of cotton and a pair of noise-canceling earmuffs. She stuffed the cotton into her ears, then slid the earmuffs over them. “Hah, Discord! You have to get up pretty early to pull the cake over my eyes!”

Discord's voice sounded off inside her head now. “Well, since I don't actually sleep, that's not as much of a problem for you as you might think.”

Themusic died down, and the lights slowly switched off, save for a spotlight directly over Pinkie. She stood up on her hind legs and bowed. “Thank you, thank you! I'll be here only long enough to seal Discord away, so make sure to tip your servers, then straighten them back up again.”

Oh, but Pinkie! If you seal me away, how can you become the Party Pony you were always meant to be? You'd have so many ponies lining up for your parties! It will be an endless stream of them, all wanting to get in. You might even have to recruit that coltfriend of yours, Dairy Bread.”

The area around Pinkie Pie lit up once more. A few-dozen ponies of various types stood or floated around her. “Throw us a party, Pinkie Pie!” they all chanted out. “Throw us a party!”

Pinkie's eyes narrowed. Her mouth set in a straight line, even as her mane and tail lost some of its bounce. “Oh, I'd love to throw you a party,” she said, words drawing the words out, “but I kinda-sorta have this pain in the flank to seal back into stone, first!”

Gee, Pinkie. Was it something I said? I'm surprised at you! You're so chaotic and random. I thought for sure you'd be most receptive to me.”

A snort of laughter escaped Pinkie. “Are you ca-razy? I'm not chaotic, once you get to know the real me, the one underneath the bubbly smile and infectious laughter.” Her mane curled in on itself, pulling out a clipboard and ball-point pen. “Do you have any idea how difficult it is to organize birthday parties, anniversaries, cutie-cereanas and other miscellaneous kinds of celebrations?” Pinkie rolled her eyes as she started writing on a sheet of paper on the clipboard. “Let me see... I need to schedule the 'We Beat Discord!' party right after the 'We Rescued Megan!' party. Now do you want to be the centerpiece, Discord, or a mere decoration?”

The ponies around Pinkie disappeared, along with most of the lights. Discord's voice sounded out once more, low and void of any mirth. “Better be ready to cancel those, Pinkie Pie. Your friends are already starting to waver. I have some mercy for you if you turn back now!”

Pinkie shrugged. She slipped the clipboard and pen back into her mane before turning and bouncing along towards the only light source left. “They're 'wavering'. That doesn't mean they've given into your temptations. And even if they have?” She tapped her Element of Laughter. “I'm from rock farm stock. We don't give in. We hunker down and keep picking away.”

You'll regret this, Pinkamena Diane Pie!”

Pinkie looked up and blew a raspberry. “Only Mom or Dad are allowed to use the full-name ultimatum! As for regretting this? I'll add this to the list, Discord. It's so long already, though. Now if you'll excuse me? If I don't keep going forward I'll start sliding back, and where would that put me? Behind the eight-ball and so behind on party-planning I might never catch up.”

With that, Pinkie shoved her mane forward before resuming her journey forward, towards the light in the distance.