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I'm an old-school MLP fan, glad the new show is doing great.


This story is a sequel to The Conversion Bureau: United We Stand

Discord's time of freedom draws near. Celestia has prepared, though. The Bearers of the Elements of Harmony stand ready to seal him up once more. Everything will go according to plan... but whose plan?

A story in the Hasbroverse, taking place a few weeks after the Conversion Bureau: United we Stand, the tail end of season two and late 2012.

Please ignore anything from the My Little Pony comic, especially concerning Cosmos. I do not read them.

Cover art was done by Inspector97 on DeviantArt. Source is here.

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This story is a sequel to The Conversion Bureau: United We Stand

For two years of their time, they traveled the Realm, fighting off Venger, Tiamat, and other assorted demons. Now three friends meet up once again, in another fantastic realm. Eric, Bobby, and Presto think their adventuring days are behind them, but there may be one more surprise in store for them!

This is a crossover with the Dungeons and Dragons animated series from the 1980's, and is a Hasbroverse story, taking about two weeks or so after the events of United We Stand, in late 2012. I own nothing.

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This story is a sequel to Where No Pony Has Gone Before

The One Small Trot, Equestria's first starship, prepares to leave Equus and break the warp barrier. The journey of a thousand light-years begins with this small step.

This is a crossover with Star Trek, and a sequel to Where No Pony Has Gone Before. I have written it in celebration and honor of the fiftieth anniversary of Apollo XI's touchdown in the Sea of Tranquility.

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Cheese Sandwich goes about his day.

Written for Springtime-Sequel-Slash-Sandbox Switcheroo Contest.. This is a spinoff/parody/spiritual successor/something to fourth's Austryeoh.

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Equestria finds itself caught in the cold war between the United Federation of Planets and the Klingon Empire. Can friendship prevail, or will this cold war turn hot, despite their best efforts?

This is a crossover with Star Trek, taking place in late 2269 of the Prime timeline, during the fourth year of the five-year mission of the original television series. It's not a crossover with the movies made by J.J. Abrams. It is mid-season five or so for Friendship is Magic. it is my humble offering for the fiftieth anniversary of Star Trek, which debuted September 8, 1966.

Thanks to FoalsHalf for being essentially my co-writer/sounding board, and to all those who have helped with proofreading and editing.

Space Battles thread.

Trope page... some day?

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It's a mad scramble as Pinkie Pie interferes with a bit of Cutie Mark Crusader learning and is changed into a moth! She's got to be tracked down to be changed back!

A request by Dusty the Royal Janitor for winning a caption contest. A light, fluffy piece that will hopefully bring some smiles to faces.

The name, by the way, is a reference to an old sketch on Sesame Street called the 'Teeny-Tiny Super Guy'. No infringement intended.

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The story is generally the same. A group of ponies go on a quest to stop an insane alicorn who had escaped banishment, learning about friendship along the way and mastering the Elements of Harmony. But the details...

It can be Trixie Lulamoon leading the Elements of Harmony against Corona.
Rainbow Dash could be Celestia's student and go to Ponyville.
Equestria could have a deep connection to three young people in its distant past.
The Elements of Harmony could have been moved to Manehattan for the ponies to quest for.
Princess Cadance might rule over an Equestria of music, with Octavia as her prized protege.
Or Spike and Twilight might have their roles reversed, the former a stallion and the Element of Magic.

And each one has been chosen by Discord, an Element removed to a seventh Equestria for purposes as yet unknown. Can they survive? Can they get home? Read and find out!

The Lunaverse was created by RainbowDoubleDash and is used with permission. Opening segment was written by Talon and Thorn.
The Hasbroverse was created by RK_Striker_JK_5 and is used with permission.
The Manehattanverse was created by Little Jackie Papercut and used with permission.
The Cadanceverse was created by GrassAndClouds2 and used with permission.
The Flipverse was created by Bed Head and used with permission.
The Dashverse was created by Trinary and used with permission.

And special thanks to dramatic_spoon for getting this all together.

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An ancient tradition, a balance of power, political maneuvering of the highest order.

None of these appear here. Instead, enjoy a lighthearted look at the princesses as they try to figure out how to fit Twilight into one of their favorite activities.


I've never seen a second of Game of Thrones nor read a single page of A Song of Fire and Ice. This is is no way based off anything from that. You may thank Stryke for the impetus for me to get this done and for the cover art..

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For Danielle Richards, the average day in Ponyville can be quite the adventure. So when an alternate-reality Trixie Lulamoon shows up, it's par for the course for her.

This is a crossover between the Lunaverse and what has become known as my Hasbroverse. It's for the April 2013 writing event, which is crossovers. I will try to make this as accessible as possible, but I'm not sure how possible that is. My apologies for that.

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Trixie and Big Macintosh, a mare of many words and a stallion of few to none. They're as different as the river and the sky... which might be why they get along so well.

A special Hearts and Hooves day vignette for the Lunaverse. Not much else to it. Thanks to Fizzy Orange for the idea of writing something like this for the holiday.

Cover image courtesy of SpiritTrax85

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