• Published 12th Feb 2020
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Chaos Runs Rampant - RK_Striker_JK_5

Discord escapes from his stone prison and wreaks havoc.

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Chapter Two

Megan found herself falling, tumbling head over feet, through an inky blackness. She flailed her arms and legs about, trying desperately to find something–anything to grab and slow or stop her descent. “Son of a...” She let out an inarticulate scream. Her eyes lit up, and ethereal wings sprouted from her back. A horn jutted from her forehead. “DISCORD!”

The area around Megan brightened. Her feet found purchase on a floor, although what kind of floor she did not know or care. She looked around, eyes still glowing. “Discord!”

“Come now, my dear. There's no need to shout. I'm right here!”

Megan whirled around. A table was there that wasn't a moment ago. Discord sat there, dressed in a top hat and tails, a monocle over one eye. She raised her hands and started forward.

Discord's eyebrow turned into an arch. “My dear, I'm not entirely up on human anatomy and health, but I don't think blood from the nostrils is a good sign.”

Megan paused mid-stride. She raised a hand and rubbed her nostrils. Her eyes crossed as she pulled them back, covered with her own blood. Megan's body shuddered as her wings and horn retracted back into her body. She felt a bit of calm wash over her. “Thank you,” she spat out.

Discord grinned. “Of course!” he said, raising his teacup in salute. He drank the cup, tossing away the tea. “Hmm, something's not quite right.” he held up his claws, forming a frame around his right eye. A picture frame popped into existence around Megan. “Yes, yes! I know just the ensemble!” He snapped his claws.

Megan's pants lengthened, the individual pant legs fusing together. The color changed from black to medium-blue, with a white apron sprouting from the back and tying itself over her waist. Her shirt merged with the dress at the hem, with the sleeves shortening and expanding, puffing out. Her boots shortened, with the color also changing to black. Finally, Megan's ponytail undid itself, and her hair flowed down almost to the small of her back.

Discord vanished, only to poke out from behind Megan's back. “Much better!” He waved a claw. A runway appeared, with dozens of miniature Discord's standing there with cameras and notepads. “Strut it out, Megan! On the catwalk, yes on the catwalk!”

Megan slowly closed her eyes. Ten seconds later, she opened them and glared at Discord. “When I'm able to, I'm blasting parts off of you that will never grow back.”

Discord's eyes rolled around in their sockets, finally coming to a stop and looking like a pair of dice. He smacked the back of his head and they rolled out, coming up as snake-eyes. “Low chance of that,” he said. He snapped his claws again, disappearing and reappearing at the table in a flash. An identical flash enveloped Megan–but she remained where she stood. Discord stared at her. He once more snapped his claws, but Megan again refused to teleport.

Megan looked herself over, then glanced at Discord. She slowly smiled. “Don't worry, Discord. It happens to every guy, eventually. I hear they make pills for it?”

Discord tilted his head back and forth. “All right, that one was good,” he admitted. “It seems even in your human form, your powers offer you some protection. “ He raised his arm and snapped his claws once more.

A large, striped box appeared behind Megan. A crank on the side rotated around for a few seconds. As soon as it stopped, the top popped open and a doll popped out, resembling the top half of Mike Richards, Megan's husband. Megan let out a shout as she scrambled away from the jack-in-the-box, her expression equal parts shock and revulsion at the effigy of her beloved. She looked to Discord and growled. “You bastard.”

Discord gasped and placed a paw on his chest. “Missus Richards, please! Language! There are children here!” Three flashes of light erupted around the table, leaving behind smaller versions of Discord with pacifiers stuck in their mouths and rattles clutched in their paws. A chair slid out away from the table. “Now you may join us if you watch your mouth.” Discord grinned. “Not like you've got anything better to do at the moment, right?”

Megan rolled her eyes, but trudged over and plopped down in the chair. She glared daggers at Discord. “You're not gonna get away with whatever heinous stuff you're planning.”

A halo appeared above Discord's horns. He placed his paws together as if in prayer. “'Heinous', my dear Megan? Perish the thought! What in the name of Primus or Granny Bonnie makes you think I have ill intentions towards you?”

Megan slowly looked to him. She spread her arms out. “Gee, I wonder why I'd think you had 'ill intent'. Oh, I don't know. Maybe I'll call up Morning Glory, ask her. Or any of the Flutter Ponies that you tortured the last time you were free!”

Discord shrugged. “It's not my fault they didn't get my games. I was only having some fun with them!” He threw his arms into the air. “Really, you folks need to get the stick out and get a sense of humor.”

“Mentally torturing someone and turning reality into a nightmare is your idea of 'games',” Megan finally replied. She slowly shook her head. “You just see other people as toys. That's all we are to you.”

Discord waved her off. “Oh, pu-lease. I see you as much more than that! I'm rather insulted by your insinuations. What do you take me for?”

“I take you exactly as all the other demons and monsters I've encountered,” Megan replied. “I've seen your kind a dozen times before. And just like every other one, you'll be stopped.”

Discord growled. Fire danced in his eyes. “Perhaps, perhaps not.” He held up a paw. The air above it shimmered, showing Twilight Sparkle and Celestia. “I'll give sunbutt credit, here. With those pesky ponies already wearing their Elements, I can't directly influence them. No easy solution for me, here.” He slowly grinned and brought his paws together. “Well, them I can't directly influence. There are, however, other options. I am nothing if not creative.”

The draconequus rose from his chair and sketched a bow in Megan's direction. “I do apologize for having to leave.” he gestured to the miniature versions sitting at the table. “I'm sure they'll be good company while I make... suitable arrangements for the incoming visitors.”

Megan shot to her feet, knocking her chair over. “Don't you DARE lay one claw on them, Discord!”

Discord bared his teeth at her. “Oh, and what are you going to do to stop me, Megan, that doesn't involve your head exploding?” He snickered as she stood there, glaring at him. “Oh, sorry. I don't want you to blow your stack. No need to get all hotheaded, my dear.” He brought his claw up and snapped his talons, vanishing in a flash of light.

Twilight looked up at the structure. She cantered from side to side, taking it all in. “Okay, yeah. I think we know where he is.” Her eyes narrowed. “Anyone see any sort of entrance?”

Applejack rolled her eyes. “Twilight, you realize this might as well have a flashing sign saying 'ambush' over it, right?”

Rainbow Dash flew up and over to Applejack's side. “If you've got any better ideas, we'd love to hear them.” She jabbed a foreleg up at the structure. “Right now, that's our best bet.”

Rarity walked over to Celestia and Luna. “Pardon me, your majesties. I don't mean to intrude, but Discord. Do you remember if he was... showy? How much of an ego did the ruffian have back before you sealed him up?”

Luna looked over. “He did indeed, Miss Belle. Discord craved attention, had a need to be noticed by any and everyone around him. I daresay much of what he did revolved around gaining other's attention. And if he didn't get enough of what he wanted...” She closed her eyes and shuddered. “What he did still gives me nightmares.”

A voice boomed out all around them, sending Fluttershy shooting straight up in shock. “Oh please, Lulu! You need to get that stick out of your flank and learn to live a little! You'll wind up as bad as Celestia one of these days!”

Applejack snorted and stomped the ground. “I take it that's Discord?” She looked around, eyes narrowing. “Show yourself, you varmint!” She stomped the ground again, but let out a shout as soap formed beneath her hoof, sending her legs shooting out from under her. “Ho, boy!”

Fluttershy dropped back down to the ground, right above Applejack. She grabbed Applejack's barrel and helped her over to less-slippery ground. “Oh, my!” She looked up into the air. “That wasn't very nice of you. Applejack could've been hurt!”

Discord's voice boomed out again. “How positively cliched of you, Fluttershy. A little spill is nothing! You folks laugh at that in those newfangled movies all the time! And as for showing up, hayseed? Unlikely. I'd prefer not to eat a blast of rainbow magic to the face, thank you very much. Think of what it would do to my complexion!”

Celestia snorted, steam billowing from her nostrils. “What did you do to Megan?”

Rest assured, Celly. She's alive and unharmed. Do you really think I'd kill her?”

Luna shook her head. “Of course not, Discord. You don't break your toys. It's not in your nature.”

Celestia slowly breathed in and out. “Discord, what did you do with Megan?”

Branches and vines near the base of the structure curled up, revealing six small doors. “She's at the center of my little playground.” All around, the fountains in the Royal Gardens started spewing forth a brown liquid. “If your pawns manage to make it through to her, I'll reveal myself. But only them, Celly. You and Luna aren't allowed to play!”

Applejack shook a hoof in the air. “And the reason we don't use the Elements of Harmony on you right now is?”

Because you don't know where I am, Applejack. Firing off your little rainbow death ray won't do anything to me, nor will it free Megan. Honestly, Applejack. You're such a silly pony!” Discord paused. “Then again, being silly may be the least of your problems, hayseed. What a positively pathetic group of Element bearers you've collected, Celly. A hayseed bumpkin, a fainting fashionista too afraid to get her hooves dirty, an acrophobic pegasus, a future Wonderbolt-washout, a pink pony that makes me look serious, and a pontificating pest of a pony who freaks out over the slightest deviation from her schedule.

Twilight's eyes narrowed. “It won't work, Discord. We took out Tirac and stopped Queen Celestia's invasion. And we'll stop you, too.”

Pinkie Pie, meanwhile, bounced over to one of the fountains. She craned her neck up and sniffed. Her eyes widened. “Chocolate milk!” she gasped out. Her head rotated almost one hundred-eighty degrees as she stuck her head under the downward flow of the milk. She quickly gulped it down, belly extending and filling out like a balloon.

Applejack rolled her eyes. She galloped over while Rainbow Dash flew down. “Consarnit, Pinkie! We don't have time for this!” She grabbed Pinkie's body back, but her neck stretched out almost impossibly long, allowing her to keep her head underneath the cascading chocolate milk.

Rainbow Dash dropped down next to Pinkie's head. “Pinkie, this is totally disgusting! That milk's traveling through dirty pipes! Didn't you learn anything about sanitation while working at Sugarcube Corner?”

Pinkie gasped, sputtering a bit, but her head moved away from the fountain. She coughed and stuck her tongue out. “Yuck!” She looked around at the other fountains, then up at the warm, cloudless sky. “Ho, boy...”

Rainbow Dash followed her gaze. “What's the matter?”

Pinkie scratched the back of her head. “Well, Dashie, I have a bad feeling about all the milk out under the sun on this warm day.” Her nose wrinkled. “It's gonna be one big mess here. And believe me, after a year of dealing with the Cake Twins? I know my messes.”

Rainbow Dash's face scrunched up in disgust. “I think my stomach just went into freefall.”

Twilight walked up to the holes. Applejack trotted up next to her. “Again, you realize it's a trap, right?” Applejack said, motioning to the entrances.

Twilight nodded. “Yup.” Her horn glowed. “And no. I can't teleport into the structure. It's a chaotic, insane, jumbled mess inside. I'd be just as likely to bisect myself as teleport into an empty space.” She looked to Applejack. “You realize we have to go in there and rescue Megan, right?”

Applejack nodded. “Oh, yeah. Just as long as everyone knows what we're all getting into.” A shadow passed over her, catching Applejack's attention. She looked up. “What the–” Applejack gasped.

The sun was racing across the sky, leaving a fiery trail in its wake. The shadows lengthened and stretched out as the sun dipped below the horizon, casting the land in darkness. No sooner had it dipped down, the moon came out, bringing everything into sharp relief. The moon disappeared almost as quickly as it had appeared as the sun rose in the east, racing across the sky once more.

Celestia's head shot up. Her horn flared to life. “No, you don't!” she said, grinding her teeth together. The sun slowed a bit, but continued across the sky at a breakneck pace.

Rainbow Dash flew over and landed next to Applejack and Twilight. “Okay, no time to argue! We better get in there before Discord decides gravity is too boring or something like that.” She looked over her shoulder and waved a wing. “Pinkie, Fluttershy, Rarity, come on!”

Pinkie sidled up to a visibly-shaking Fluttershy. “Fluttershy, I know you're scared, but–”

Fluttershy flew over to Rainbow Dash. She touched down on trembling hooves. “I don't want to do this, but I know I have to,” she said, swallowing.

Rainbow Dash reached out and wrapped a wing around her. “We'll promote you to Element of Bravery at this rate,” she said, smiling.

Rarity rubbed her chin. She looked to Luna, who by now was also wrestling with her own celestial body. “Your highness? Pardon me for asking, but just how sure are you that Discord put Megan at the center of that ghastly eyesore of a prison?”

Luna whipped her head back as the moon appeared once more. “Discord... knows that if he lies about where he's hidden something of value, then his prey will refuse to–come back here!” She dug her hooves into the grass. “Megan is in the center of that insult to Euclidean geometries, Lady Rarity. If in no other way, Discord is predictable in that.”

Twilight pointed up at the sun and moon. “Princesses, is Discord doing that?”

Celestia spared a glance at Twilight. “He is, Twilight. His innate chaotic magic alters the area around him, and it won't stop at the Royal Gardens!” She tossed her head and neck back, mane flapping about wildly. “It will spread beyond, to cover all of Equestria, all of Equus, and possibly even across the Rainbow Bridge to Earth. You must stop him here and now!” She looked to Spanish Steel. “General, fly to Canterlot Castle at best possible speed and warn them of Discord's escape and the oncoming chaos!”

Spanish Steel saluted. “Aye, your majesty. I'll inform Princess Cadance, Chancellor Fancy Pants and Captain Armor immediately.” With that, he turned and trotted for a few steps before launching into the air and flying towards Canterlot Castle.

Twilight's eyes narrowed and her mouth set into a thin line. “We won't let you down, Princess.”

Fluttershy looked the holes over. “S-so... can we all go into one of them?”

Two of the holes suddenly closed up. Branches and leaves retracted a dozen feet above, revealing two more holes.

Discord's voice boomed out. “One door, one pony. No cheating or cutting in line!”

Fluttershy looked up at the two holes. She rolled her eyes. “Oh, feathering horse apples,” she said before flying up.

Rainbow Dash chuckled. “Okay. That was easier and way cooler than I thought.” She looked at the other four, expression turning serious. “See you on the other side,” she said before flying up and joining her oldest friend.

Twilight looked to Applejack, Rarity, and Pinkie. “You girls ready?”

Pinkie's mane puffed out and her tail shook like a rattle. “Ho, boy. This isn't quite a doozy, but it's pretty close!”

Rarity sighed. “I am not ready, for the record, but I know what must be done! For Megan's sake, and for Equestria's, as well!” She held her head up high. “I'm going in!”

Applejack smirked. “Just make sure you don't get your hooves too dirty,” she said, winking. She held up a foreleg as Rarity's horn glowed. “Kidding, kidding!” She looked around, then up at Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy. “Just be careful in there, all right?”

Rainbow Dash looked down. “I don't think that's gonna be much of an option, Applejack, but thanks.” She looked to Fluttershy and leaned in close. “Be careful. I'm calling dibs on being your mare of honor when Big Mac pops the question,” she said, before turning and flying into one of the entrances. A thick, solid branch slid down mere seconds after she passed through, covering the hole.

Fluttershy swallowed. She reared back before flying in the other entrance, eyes closed, lips peeled back and teeth chattering in terror.

Twilight, Applejack, Rarity, and Pinkie all exchanged a look. “See you on the other side,” Twilight said. She turned, lit up her horn, and walked in.