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I'm an old-school MLP fan, glad the new show is doing great.

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My first First-of-theMonth Update · 8:51pm October 1st

Dear readers, followers, and anyone else who finds this.

Today is the first of October. On the seventeenth of this month, I turn 39. And on this day, I add up all the times I've written. Now, I gotta admit, I'm kind of proud of myself. With the exception of Saturday's, when it's nigh-impossible for me to write, I've written every day in September. Even for a little bit. I'm a slow writer, not that good. And that's not me fishing for compliments or anything like that.

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Thanks for the favs!

Thank you very much for the fave on The Light in the Darkness! :pinkiesmile:

Thanks for the follows of pony pov.

'S no problem. Hopefully it got you to read some of my other works. :twilightsmile:

Shameless plug, ho!

Admittedly, I'm doing some reorganizing of my fic folders. I did have it in another folder. Sorry for the 'false' notification. :twilightsheepish:

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