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I'm an old-school MLP fan, glad the new show is doing great.


For Danielle Richards, the average day in Ponyville can be quite the adventure. So when an alternate-reality Trixie Lulamoon shows up, it's par for the course for her.

This is a crossover between the Lunaverse and what has become known as my Hasbroverse. It's for the April 2013 writing event, which is crossovers. I will try to make this as accessible as possible, but I'm not sure how possible that is. My apologies for that.

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Well... this is going to be an interesting trip... wonder what she will think when she sees Twilight and the humans when she wakes up.

Huh, the Hasbroverse Equestria just seems to be a melting pot of various universes and/or series either trying to take over. We got MLP(obviously), Jem and the Holograms, GI Joe, Transformers, Dungeons and Dragons cartoon, TCB, Doctor Who, and now the Lunaverse.

-Blinks as he sees the new noti.-

"Oh, whats this now? A new story eh? Lets see. . ."

-Scrolls down a bit.-

"Looks good so far, nothing wrong with it. . . a portal of swirling- wait. What."

-Stares intensely at a specific line.-

a swirling vortex of emerald-colored energy, occasional flashes of electricity dancing around the edges.

". . . What."

-Stares at his hand and snaps his fingers towards a blank wall, and a swirling vortex of emerald-colored mana with occasional flashes of dimensional lightning dancing around the edges appears. Glances at the portal and back at the line repeatedly. Snaps fingers again and the portal pops out of existence. Blankly stares at the screen in silence for several moments before a 'pop' sound is heard and an x shaped anger mark appears under his mask.-


-Explosively stands up, his chair smashing against the wall. He holds out a hand, and his trusty HVSS sails into his hand, already in Scythe-Mode.-


I was laughing my head off when I got to the portal's description, as that so happens to be how I describe my own character's portals. :rainbowlaugh:

Golden Oaks Library

No no no, it's obviously called 'Leaves and Branches' :facehoof: :trollestia:

2432951 is it wrong that I have basic ly been waiting for a character from either He-man or She-ra to just make a random background appearance?

Not wrong so much as a forlorn hope. He-Man is owned by Mattel, last I heard.

Me? I'm waiting for the Inhumanoids. :pinkiecrazy:


they weren't Hasbro

2433142 Books and Branches is what I've seen and heard it called. Golden Oaks just... sounds so old people's home, doesn't it?

I hope this is post Crisis Trixie so at least she isn't confused by Twilight with the tiara, though she might be wondering why this Twilight doesn't remember her :pinkiehappy:

2432951 Wait when did the DnD cartoon came into this? :rainbowderp:

Are the events of Culture Clash after TCB: United We Stand? Because it looks like they have experienced what happened when an unwanted random interdimensional portal appeared.

Some slimy, tentacled thing, or killer robots or tentacled killer robots!


Let's hope that Trixie's next line is "Oh, no......NOT AGAIN!!!!"

more soon please

Okay, I think I'm with Trixie on this one. Alternate versions of herself and her friends? Yes. Alternate versions of other ponies she knows? Yes. A radically different timeline where familiar faces have unfamiliar roles? Well, when you're an alicorn's personal student, you see a lot of weird stuff and that wouldn't even get in the top ten.

However, a world full of near-naked bipedal creatures that look kind of like shaved Diamond Dogs? No, in fact, Tarterus no! I don't think anything could prepare her for that.

I wonder if the Lunaverse has a common starting point with the Hasbroverse? If so, then Luna might have told Trixie about the Mag'ne.

In United We Stand's chapter involving the President, who is coincidentally Gen. Hawk, and his cabinet, one member was Presto.

Oh goodie, there's more. I thought this might be a one-shot. I get the feeling Lunaverse!Trixie is going to need a stiff drink before this is all over.

RJ, have you read Crisis on Two Equestrias?

Trixie is going to think Twilight goofed when casting a Zebra spell

Tentatively watching this as while I despise Lunaverse:twilightangry2: you certainly grabbed my attention with your Saviour of Worlds fic so I'll give this a chance. Looking good so far.:twilightsmile:


It's been called the Golden Oaks Library, The Golden Eagle Library, and the Books & Branches Library, that I know of.

This is why I can't wait for the library to be named in the show. That will trump all the rest.

I wonder how many Million Crossovers this fic will have, 3? 4? 8? I gotta be ready for that 3:09 Pm Crossover rush you know!

I can just imagine Trixie going "This is a lot weirder than the last alternate dimension I went to." Or maybe commenting something like "so you guys didn't go extinct" to the humans. Which if ths is post-CB invasion miiiight not go over so well even as a faux pas.

You're not alone, really. I'm waiting for a Power Ranger to show up. One of the things Saban said to throw off Disney and make it cheaper to get back Power Rangers, was that it would be airing on The Hub. Maybe too reliant on the author knowing random Power Rangers trivia, but one can dream.

This is going to be funny. ESPECIALLY when she meets Hasbroverse Trixie Lulamoon.

Well, off to a strange start.

However, mind if I ask when in the Luna-verse saga is Trixie from? I can easily imagine this being an early attempt at understanding dimensional gates post-crisis.

Worse. Lunaverse Trixie has -seen- humans before...because she turned Lyra into one with that mixed up zebra spell.

Now, meeting a relatively sane Twilight Sparkle? A -nice- Celestia that actually works with Luna instead of a one-pony ruler? And not having any of the rest of the Lunaverse mane 6 along? Hoo boy. Bourbon may not be enough of an ally for this.

Y'know, Jon, that's a fair question. Where in the Lunaverse timeline does Trixie fall in this?


Seeing as Striker's an author for the Lunaverse, I'd say he has.

3316041 She's been to the Mane-verse before during the crossover.

Actually, she's run into them before....actually, she turned Lyra into one......

MORE CHAPTERS!!!!! please :fluttercry:

So...is this ever going to continue?

This REALLY needs to be continued!

I have to wonder what has Trixie been up to at the Ponyville Community Theater, perhaps a musical based on Megan's books?

...Yes. I needed Megan to meet Trixie Lulamoon, Bearer of Magic.

“Denizens of this new land, I am Trixie Lulamoon of Equestria, personal student of Princess Luna and Element of Magic!” she declared.



Why are you not updating this?!?! It's a good story!

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