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A Group for all fics originating from the SB forums.

Stories based on fanfic verses developed outside of SB are not included, no exceptions. (rule due to TCB and it's... dividing influence.)

Stories adult in nature or banned from SB are also banned from here.

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Wait I didn't join this yet? Why is my feed full of names I know from spacebattles?!

Hey Guys! Novusordomundi here!

I know we don't include TCB fics, but would RK_Strikers TCB fic count since it's part of his fics universe?

Damn, just read the rules. We ain't including TCB fics? Welp, your loss. No Systems for you! :twilightangry2:

I'm here, bitches, and ready to deliver a TRUE Spacebattles flavor Pony fic. Ridiculous Dakka for all Ponykind!

Now we have 42 stories! A pretty fitting number if you ask me.

So, uh. SB blew up. News at 11.

Oh hi guys. I thought I should join the group, so I did. So yeah. Hi!

:ajbemused: Who added Breif History here? I'm posting the chapters here first! The Spacebattles thread was just an afterthought to generate more awarness!

SB stands for Spacebattles, in case anyone's wondering:
Check the forums out, and see for yourself what you've been missing.

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