You ever read a TCB fic? Saw something under all that misanthropic trash, a real gem and went "damn! This is a cool idea!"

Well, this here verse we're building is attempt to gather all these great ideas, and parody the fuck out of TCB by turning it into a Warhammer 40K style GRIMDARK shared universe and War Game.


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By the by, this whole thing was spawned in this thread.

Welcome, minions! It is I, your God-Emperor!

As you can tell, this group is still very much under construction. This tongue-in-cheek humor thing I've currently got going is certainly not the tone of the Systemsverse. Once I'm done, the descriptions will be suitably detailed and Grimdark when need be.

Till then, marvel at Chrysalis feasting upon nerdgasms, and alien lizard Obama!

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