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A Gamer Brony who has Asperger's and who writes when gets an idea on what to write and who is mostly a reader who also is on Fanfiction

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My story Dying Light · 8:58pm Mar 16th, 2017

Hello, this is my first blog. So here is the reason I started Dying Light, well I thought why not and saw that no one else made a crossover of my little pony and Dying Light. This isn't my first time writing and well I may not be good but at least I'm trying. I hope to continue the story when I stop being lazy and continue it

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Thank you for favouriting "A Letter to the Ponies of the Future and Equestria's New Generations"! :scootangel: :heart:

Merci Beaucoup for adding Tides of Time to your library. What about it did you enjoy?

Thank you for the favorites on The Dreamer and Me and Hope and the Horizon.

You have my gratitude.

Thank you for favoriting my Lunaverse Stories. It's an honor. :twilightblush:

Thanks for the fav to era of harmony! Glad you like it so far!

Thanks for adding my for honor fic

Thank you for the favorite on Caller to the Beyond

the overthrowing of Sombra

Thank You for the favorite on "The Great Dictator: Times of Swift Rise". What was your favorite part of it?

Thank you kindly for the fav ^^

Thanks for the favourite!

thanks for the fave on To be a Breezie. May I ask for a little feedback? Whatever you think, whatever bothers you a little :pinkiesmile:

whoops, youre right, misread the notifications. :rainbowlaugh:


I like the part with the Soldiers and the Doctors helping the CMC, Tavi, and Vinyl. At first, when I saw the story I thought it was going to be about an advanced equestrian city not controlled by the Caribou while the rest of Equestria is under Caribou control. Though a Displaced city is fine. Also The Soldier and Hope? I didn't read that, the Soldiers of Hope, however, I did read.

Thank you for adding The Soldier and Hope To your Favorites. :twilightsmile:

May i ask what you like about it?

Thanks for the favorite.

Thanx for the fave...!

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