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Misty Meadow

Hey I'm Misty Meadow! Welcome to my page and I hope you all Like my stories to come! AdagioXAria forever!


A thousand years ago, Luna was banished. What if that was not the case? Luna wanting to escape her annoying older sister, exiles herself as different persona's while the whole world including her sister think that she was on the moon. Each persona being an aspect of herself.

Carnival surprise the Jokester

Rose Dew the Seer

Silver Arrow the Officer

and Scarlet Tome the Playwright.

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An interesting premise and start, though this beginning portion involving Luna's blending in with society was a little spontaneous on her part. Did she plan for this to happen? If so, it felt like she was a little dis-coordinated, including not having come up with a name ahead of time. :unsuresweetie:

The imagery is nice and the dialogue is suitable, but I feel like the pacing could still be slowed down a tad. :twilightsheepish:

Well, I was interested in. I add to my favorites, there is something in this story.

Interesting story idea and treatment, will up vote and track. Looks promising.

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