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Welcome to the Legend of Spike Group, home to "the Legend of Spike" series and any story centered around Spike the Dragon. All the site's rules apply, so please be polite and kind to one another. Most importantly, enjoy yourselves and have fun!

The Legend of Spike: Discord's Mask

After having his heart broken, Spike finds himself in a parrallel world. He must race against time as he only has three days to recover a dangerous mask before the moon crashes into the world.

The Legend of Spike: Dracula

An ancient evil raises from its grave and comes to Ponyville. The health of the ponies start to decline as mysterious bite marks appear on their necks. Spike, the Mane Six, and the Cutie Mark Crusaders must figure out what is going on and how to stop it.

The Legend of Spike: Krazoa Island

Spike has fled Equestria for a crime he didn't commit and has joined the team of mercinaries know as Star Fox. His first assignment is to save a mystical island filled with prehistoric beasts before it is completely destroyed! Along with some new friends, Spike has to recover the magical Spellstones and discover the mysterious Krazoa Spirits in order to save not just the island, but someone he loves.

The Legend of Spike: Legacy

It has been twenty years since Spike married Rarity and Equestria is on the brink of war. While Equestria prepares to defend itself, Spike falls into another growth spurt induced sleep. As he slumbers, the children of the Mane Six are threatened by an old foe.

The First Hearts and Hooves Day: A Legend of Spike Story

When his mentor becomes deathly ill, Spike, along with Rarity and their daughter, go to visit him. During their visit, the ancient dragon, Aurum, tells them the full story of the first Hearts and Hooves Day and how he was a part of it.

The Legend of Spike: Dragon Quest

A year has passed since Spike defeated the changelings once and for all, but a new threat looms on the horizon. The wrath of Ryuo the Dragon King has been roused and he plans to burn Equestria off of the face of the world. Severely outmatched, Spike and the Mane Six must find a way to stop the Dragon King and save all of Equestria before it is too late.
And while their parents deal with the army of dragons, the children of the Mane Six must ban together to face a mysterious opponent of their own...

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