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Welcome to the Shout-Outs! group! This is the place to have Shout-Outs! If you're like me, you get quite a bit of them yourself, and want to repay the favor! But you don't want to make it look like you have to, so it's kinda awkward to do it in a blog. :twilightsheepish: Fear no more! If people complain that you Shout-Out too often, if you're afraid of doing it too much or not enough, or if you just wanna meet new people that got the positive recognition they deserve- then you're in luck! :pinkiehappy: Just make a thread (please no more than three a day per user). The only rules are: 1) Don't Shout-Out yourself or an alternate account; 2) Only up to three per day, per user (this counts alts); 3) Be respectful when someone gives a Shout-Out; 4) Abide by the site rules. And finally 5) Have fun and meet new friends! :yay:

Your Shout-Out can be about anything! :3 A user, a story, a blog, an idea- it just has to A) Not be yours and B) Belong in this fandom. So if you'd like to promote a brony YouTuber, go ahead! But please don't link us to a Let's Player *Cough Markiplier Cough* that barely has anything to do with MLP :unsuresweetie:

We are currently not looking for admin.

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