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Come hither! Come all!

Welcome fellow travelers to The Order of Mocha! :rainbowwild: This group was created for all close friends of Vanilla Mocha. We, friends of Mocha will welcome thee as fellow friends and will become thy good friends to each other.

1) Be kind and respect thy other members.
2) Do not spam threads.
3) Do not post NSFW content.
4) Do not question my medieval language.
5) Have fun and stay active!

Members in thy banner (from left to right):
Thunderbolt Sentinel, Paradise the Librarian, Shine, IcyTheCharmander, Vanilla Mocha,MechaBulborb187, Cookie Crumbles, Thegamerator10, Red The Mel, and Galaxy Nebula. Go follow these fellow amazing clan members!

*Group name will change often due to special holidays

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412511 Aww :twilightblush: Thnak you. You're an awesome friend, too. :yay:

412510 you're an awesome friend Mocha. I'm here for a reason. :heart:

412508 I think you were already in mine right? :rainbowlaugh:

412505 Huh O.O Oh well! I do blog quite a bit. And hey, it's cool!

412328 I did not know this existed! It appears as though I hath lost the blog in thine feed! :pinkiegasp:

412382 We all get our own group someday.


Knowing that there's a group about a popular Brony, It does make me a jealous a little bit.

I don't bother asking someone to make a group about me or make it myself, because I think it would be more special if some random fan did a fan group about me.


Believe me when I say this, I'm a little jealous at this.

412374 Left to right: Thunderbolt Sentinel, Paradise the Librarian, GarfieldThePony (Me), Shine, IcyTheCharmander, Vanilla, MechaBulborb137, Cookie Crumbles, Thegamerator10, Red The Mel, and Galaxy.

Can you tell me the names of the OCs?

The only ones I know are Vanilla and Galaxy.

What can I say? Every Order needs a Dragon. :twilightsmile:

This is AWESOME! Thank you so much Garfield!

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