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RedVelvet Melody

Lulled by stupefying illusions, the world is alseep in the cradle of infancy, dreaming all the hours away.

A Bit About RedVelvet

Name: Máiri

Age: N/A

Birthday: June 3rd

Type Of Face: Intentional B*tch Face (IBF), it's a long story.

Race: Spud

Interests: Gaming, Writing, MUSIC

Culture: Mainly Irish but also Scandiavian...with dashes of American

Languages: English, Irish Gaelic, Spanish, German, Swedish, and Sarcasm

Favorite Band: Twenty Øne Piløts

Favorite Artist: Melanie Martinez

Favorite Movie: Alice In Wonderland

Favorite Sport: Football, AKA Soccer

Favorite Pony: Scoot-a-loo Cutie Mark Crusaders!

Favorite Character: Gummi

Least Favorite Pony: Princess McFlurry whatever her face

My Deadpool Addiction

I have a serious case of Deadpool Addiciton. It's an addition to where you ALWAYS watch his movie and ALWAYS EAT PANCAKES and CHIMICHANGAS!!!

But seriously, Deadpool is my favorite person ever! He's not a hero to say, speaking he's killed everyone! MWAHAHAAHA! Ahem, but he fights the evil and helps the people who pay him. He has an amazing love story of...well really for most of it, it's just lust....lots and lots of lust, BUT, when his whole life got changed the love was for love and partnership for internal life...and more lust..

With one of my really good friends who doesn't have a FIM, sorry, he said one day he would go gay for Ryan Renolds, who is the guy who played Deadpool. SO! I said I wanted Deadpool, that day we decided he could have Ryan and I get my Deady-Wedy-Poo..yes I did just say that, and yes, you are very welcome.

Alright, I'm done! MAY DEADPOOL BECOME PART OF YOUR LIFE!! *drops mic and quickly picks it up again* Oh, and I'm a pretty princess who will slaughter all haters in my way, and you can be one too! *drops mic and walks away completely*


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Why the hell would that be a problem with anyone’s parents?

2269394 I'm not sure. She said eventually she might, but I have no definitive idea.

2269319 She quit FimFicition because her parents became angry that she had an account. To keep herself away, she asked to be banned. That's what she told me.

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