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EveryPony Meet Me!

Hello Everypony! This is going to explain some of my likes/dislikes! So here goes!

Favorite Users
Hazel Bell-Hazy is such a nice friend. Even though she's gone (hopefully not for good crossing fingers she comes back) I still want her to know that I'm here and still love her. Good luck my friend!
Hirohito-First Friend. Didn't even bother to friend me for any other reason besides that I look lonely. Which is probably true. I don't really post anything, and if it weren't for him, I probably wouldn't have any friends right now...or for a while!
Patriot-Man patriot is so amazing. When I first saw him I was worried he would kill me because I love rainbow dash. Luckily we are able to admire her together! He completely understands the love I have for her! It's always such a blast talking with him! Whenever he tries fighting a user for rainbow dash I hope he wins! He has such a cool personality. He cares about his friends (which I am so lucky to be friends with him) and fights for his friends. Even if we don't talk much, I love every time I get to talk with him! Patriot! I wish you the best of luck with school buddy!
Jay-You are such a talented writer. Thank you for supporting me in my fun ideas! You are a great friend.

Favorite Ponies
Favorite Mane 6: Rainbow Dash (I WILL FIGHT YOU FOR HER!!!! SHE IS MY ALL TIME EVERYTHING!!!) (JK not really, I don't really like fighting that much. X3)
Favorite Background: Derpy Hooves
Favorite Villian: Discord
Favorite Princess: Princess Ember, by FAR
Favorite Character Non-mane 6: Princess ember...duh

Favorite Stuff MLP
Favorite Season: Season 1?
Favorite House: Probably Twilight's or RD's
Favorite Episode: Either 16, 59, or 75
Favorite Song: Winter Wrap Up?

Favorite Stuff Non-MLP
Favorite Music Genre: TECHNORCHESTRA
Favorite Video Game: PMD2!! (Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Explorers of Time/Darkness/Sky)
Favorite Food: I kinda like everything
Favorite Free Time Acitivity: Drawing/Playing Nintendo/Watching MLP
Favorite Super Power: The ability to go into technology and interact
Favorite Animal: FOXES!!!! I LOVE FOXESSSSSS!!!!!! *faints*
Favorite Game System: GameCube!!

Least Favorite Ponies
Mane 6: Rarity
Background: Maybe Bonbon...that's her name right?
Villain: Sombra maybe?
Princess: Twilight (just as her being a princess. It seems a little weird)

Least Favorite Stuff MLP
Fanfics: Romance Section (Not a big fan of Rainbow Dash Romances)
Season: None of them
Episode: Some of the CMC get a little boring

Least Favorite Stuff NON-MLP
Food: Black Licorice
Drawings: Scribbles on graph paper
Type of People: Manipulators. People who either manipulate friends against you or people that manipulate your words to make you seem like a bad person.
Video Game Genre: Any Shooter

Personality Type
INFJ-The Advocate

Favorite Pictures

This is what I'd wear if I was Rainbow Dash

Made by this guy!------>DagMlp


My OC Pony!

Find her story Here, made by my good friend frozenflames! Plenty of thanks bro!:ajsmug:
Tiny bit of Info
Name: Origin Vapor (present) Rain Chaser (past)
Looks Like This
Favorite Activity: Exploring


Happy birthday Hazel! · 9:45pm Jul 19th, 2017

Hazy, you are one of my first friends. You may not see this, nor anybody ever again, but just know I still love you and hope you can have a great life wherever you are and whatever you're doing! Happy birthday sis!

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2216281 well newish:twilightsheepish: you know what pony this is right? XD

Is this a new profile picture? If it is new: i like it

If it isnt new: i still like it :scootangel:

2209167 just love your avatar X3

thanks for the follow, what did I do to earn it? (just curious)

2198788 thank you! X3 I love it very much

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