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Just a Pinkiepie that accidently trotted through the portal. But you're not supposed to know that so... shhhh

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[[ A Broken Story ]]
Chapter Count : 1
Next Chapter : [1] : Dreams (Chapter Title may be changed)
Chapter Completion
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+ [Prologue] is written but the story cannot be submitted due to the 1000 letter limit+

[[ Once a Hero ]] - This one will be purposely held back for some time
Chapter Count : 0
Next Chapter : [[ Prologue ]]
Chapter Completion
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[[ The History of Equs ]]
Chapter Count : 0
Next Chapter : [[ Undecided Chapter Name ]]
Chapter Completion
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D.O.T Updates · 11:36am March 4th

Okay, first off.
I'm not dead.
I'm back, and I got some more plans.

First off, you'll not be able to find "Droplet of Time" or D.O.T on my page anymore.
I have deleted that story, but the tale it's going to tell isn't "gone".
It's going to return with another title and more carefully thought out details, side characters and plots.
The new story will hopefully be up soon, so keep looking out for it.

Also, I'm aiming to try something that'll seem like a bad idea for me.

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Thanks a bunch for the fave on Defect!

Ayyyy did you get my hangouts message?

Thank you for favouriting "Fallout: Equestria Girls" :twilightsmile:

Thanks for favoriting We're the Same Too! :twilightsmile:

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