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A sailor who writes in his spare time.

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  • 228 weeks
    Viral - More Pre Apocalyptic Fun To Come

    A quick update on those dedicated readers of Viral. Yes, the story is still active and I do plan on releasing more. I currently have around 20 chapters/70,000 words - all of Part One - sitting on my computer. All that is left is the editing process, which takes a fair amount of time for me as I am a messy predrafter :twilightsheepish: .
    With my attention on my other story projects, I want to ask the readers if shorter chapter sections - thus a quicker release - would be preferable.

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  • 240 weeks
    Sweet Dreams L.L.P. - Try Dream Therapy Today!

    Are nightmares keeping you up? Is safe, conventional, regulated therapy just not helping solve your issues? Feel like nopony can help? Got bits?

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  • 252 weeks
    The Limbo Theorem Continues...

    There is a reason foals are born with a fear of the dark. It is when we grow older, we forget what was hiding in the shadows that made us so afraid. If only we could see what horrors lie beyond that veil now...

    The Limbo Theorem continues soon.

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  • 257 weeks
    This Was Never Supposed to Happen...

    ...but there is nowhere left to run. After Canterlot fell, it spread like wildfire. And there was nothing we could do to stop the spread. Not the gunships, not the Royal Forces, not even the Wonderbolts with their jumpsuits as they tore over the urban centers, dropping fire to quell the terrors of the night. That was when the outside world shut the door, closed the borders and left us trapped with our own creations. All because of that fateful expedition into the Tenochtitlan ruins. All because

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  • 289 weeks
    Guard Over Me - An Audio Rendition

    Last week I received a wonderful suprise that I wanted to share. FimFic user Star912 as well as several other talented creators recorded an audio rendition of “Guard Over Me”.

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what's going on with ...Or Was It All Just A Dream?
it showed up in my feed but when i click the link it brings me to a 404 page

What went wrong here?

I had my fill of The First Library, you know, that story you posted hours before. I made my own opinions; I didn't want to believe that you'd plagiarize so blatantly, and so I waited for answers. I've woken up today to find that my respect for someone was wavering, and lo and behold, I find myself on the edge of a precipice, one where such answers are out of sight and I'm left to question how I truly felt about any of your work. I wish the best for you in life, but if any of the deceptions I've seen in your writing are true, I can't respect you as a fellow author. Words are all I can ask for.

Did you mean to betray those of us who followed you? I wish it to not be so. But it is your decision to make.

Oh yeah, like I wouldn't follow you. :pinkiesmile: Glad to have you, my friend! I can't wait to read what other stories you have for me! (Well, everyone. But me included!) :pinkiehappy:

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