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A sailor who writes in his spare time.

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    Thirty-Eight Minutes

    Thirty-eight minutes. Thirty-eight minutes was all it took. Thirty-eight minutes for Canterlot to fall and a new nation to rise from the ashes of the old world, all in one night. I was only eight when it happened, if anyone could believe old Auntie was ever a young, spry filly. Fillydelphia had been spared the first few months, before they crossed the river. Momma and Pappa would always sit every night on the couch and watch the news, holding each other's hooves as they whispered quietly. It

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  • 26 weeks


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What went wrong here?

I had my fill of The First Library, you know, that story you posted hours before. I made my own opinions; I didn't want to believe that you'd plagiarize so blatantly, and so I waited for answers. I've woken up today to find that my respect for someone was wavering, and lo and behold, I find myself on the edge of a precipice, one where such answers are out of sight and I'm left to question how I truly felt about any of your work. I wish the best for you in life, but if any of the deceptions I've seen in your writing are true, I can't respect you as a fellow author. Words are all I can ask for.

Did you mean to betray those of us who followed you? I wish it to not be so. But it is your decision to make.

Oh yeah, like I wouldn't follow you. :pinkiesmile: Glad to have you, my friend! I can't wait to read what other stories you have for me! (Well, everyone. But me included!) :pinkiehappy:

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