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We all have that one pony in our lives.
Somepony to watch over us.
The one who is always there for us.

Very special thanks to Overlord Neon for the cover commission. http://overlordneon.tumblr.com/

As featured on Equestria Daily March 13th, 2018.

Audio rendition created by Star912 is available here.

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Comments ( 24 )

Loved it.

could you please remove the _____s??? why are they even there?

This was really good

Very bittersweet. Nicely done.

This is so cute, and sad at the same time- it's very well done!

My Feels, they hurt bad.

thank you

Very noice story.

This is quite bittersweet and heartwarming-a true masterpiece-, although the italicized dialogue is slightly distracting. Very nice! :moustache:

*Tears in the Rain plays in the background*

Sniffs and whimpers Alright, who the buck is cutting onions!?!

all seriousness, this was good. :heart::twilightsmile:

This story was so touching. Great job! :twilightsmile:

What do you think I was listening to when I had the idea for this story? Hans Zimmer is my goto to warm up the feels and get the creative juices flowing.

Christ I feel like such a heel for pointing this out while I'm still crying, but...

The next, him bandaging a scraped knee, shushing the little crying alicorn as he clipped the dressing taught.

...this should be "taut".

Taught is the past participle for teach. "She taught me how gut and clean a fish, it was so much fun! Can we go fishing again next week?".

Taut, is a word describing something pulled tight, without slack. "The rope went taut when he fell, his great weight stretching it to its limits."

The stories still beautiful though.

Not at all. Good catch. Fixed.

This was an absolutely beautiful story. Kudos!

One itsy-bitsy thing, though. halyards are ropes used to raise sails on ships. halberds are likely what you meant. :twilightblush:

((Sorry! I'm a bit of a weapon nut...))

Thanks for pointing that out. I actually might have unconsciously done that because I do work on ships. :twilightsheepish: Fixed.

Very sweet. I guess at the time period this represents, Luna still needs to discover the beautiful things that happen in the night, as she still sees her position as Princess of the Night as a burden. Good job.

Very nicely written. It has just the right amount of emotion to come across as genuine, rather than pandering to drama fans. Thanks for sharing this.

Couldn't have described it better myself.

Glad you liked it. Just what I was shooting for.

Poor Luna. Good one shot!

One for the favourites shelf I reckon :)

OMG I started tearing up not long in and never stopped. Thank you.

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