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Pony fan inspired by great writers such as Pen Stroke and Conner Cogwork


Woona loves Tia dearly, but she is starting to recognise another strong bond in her life, one that may draw her into conflict with her sister and even rise to eclipse her.

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Am I really the first thumbs up this story gets?

This is a beautiful tale, and despite you knowing the darkness that will one day come, the darkness that Luna can forsee, and the thus slight hint of concern you feel at the end of the story, its a truly beautiful insight into Luna's and Celestia's connection to their Celestia Bodies.

And it makes Celestia's banishment of her sister so much sadder. I can see her crying after the battle, in part wondering how Luna could possibly have known, what cruel fate would have made this turn of events inevitable.

I have many complex emotions about this tale...its cute, beautiful and sad all at the same time depending about what section you are thinking of and yet it doesn't feel too short for such complexity.

Thank you so much for your kind words – I feel deeply touched by your praise!
You have absolutely got this in one, and I am so pleased you like it!

I was trying to major on the closeness between the two sisters and how inseparable they are as fillies; yet as Woona’s bond with the moon grows, so she begins to tap into the dark power that she will one day inherit, including her ability to interpret foreshadowing of significant future events. As we know she is starting to sense her future banishment, Tia’s words about Woona never leaving her become all the more poignant and heart breaking.

Thank you for being the first to comment!

Very cute bit sad at the end
And was that Starswirl telling them to sleep?

Thank you.
I had rather planned on the adult voice being their mother, but left it intentionally ambiguous so as not to draw the focus away from the two fillies.
Now I have come to rereading it with your comment in mind, I think the narrative fits Starswirl equally as well. However, like I said, it's ambiguous, so each reader can go with their own choice of character.
Interesting comment - thank you.

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