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I read mainly. I like writing, but I'm not particularly skilled at it. Honestly I just sort of do this for fun.


Discord was never imprisoned.

Its only one small change, but the ramifications are immense.

Especially for Princess Luna.

Whats happens to Princess Luna and Nightmare Moon when there is Discord inside the picture,
A great tragedy?
An epic battle?
Being banished to the Lemonade Realm ?

Or maybe, just maybe, something spectacular unfolds.

Chapters (2)
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Comments ( 7 )

This is just adorable:rainbowkiss: they act like children which is funny and makes it cute an the cherry on top Celestia is like a mother this story is amazing already headed just starting with the chapter keep up the keep up the great:pinkiehappy:


Oh thank you, I will attempt to keep up the work.

This was a very funny chapter and very well written I remember when my sister used to tease me about :twilightblush: I like the idea of how you set the timeline anyways this was a really good chapter to read you doing a great job:pinkiehappy: and I hope you continue this story for a while
( you don't have to answer this question )
I do have one question though will there be a chapter or so that Luna will be sent to the Moon since the story does take place before that


Thank you for enjoying it, I do plan on continueing the story.

The goal is currently 9 chapters, since that what I think this story wants

And for your question: Spoilers.

So ther are plan's for luna in the future that's good to know

Very cute so far 😁 im excited for more ^^

Much like McDonald's, I'm loving it.

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