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Centuries ago the sealing of the Lunar Princess, and the crushing of the Lunar Rebellion shook the long-lasting harmony of Equestria for centuries. The Lunar Branch of Equestrian's government collapsing into nothing more than a myth for centuries. In this era an... "Incident" happened, nearly collapsing the Solar Branch. Centuries later, after the resealing of Discord; Princess Celestia summons Twilight Sparkle and makes a mysterious request for the young hero.

"Twilight Sparkle, please help the Lunar Captain make some friends."

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“Despite all the hood they’ve done... they won’t leave their homestead nor engage with anyone other than the guard and me. I am unable to push them...” Celestia places her left hoof on Twilight's shoulder. “But... maybe you can.”


Celestia leans her head down slowly towards Twilight's muzzle, she looks up from her map only to see Celestia giving her a... terrifyingly cold gaze. Twilight eyes shrink as Celestia starts to coldly speak to her own student.

Do. Not. Tell. Anycreature. About this task. And I do mean anycreature, Twilight. Not your friends, not Spike, not your brother, not the train conductor, and especially not my sister. You are only allowed to talk to me and the Lunar Guard about this task. No one else, do you understand, Twilight Sparkle?”

“Y-y-yes m-m-m-ma’am!” Twilight barely managed to stutter out.

“Good.” Celestia moves her head away from her students' view.

“You are dismissed.” Celestia gives a nod towards Twilight. Twilight gives a silent nod and quickly exits the room, entering the hallway she opens her mouth to expel the air she had been holding in. She never in her life thought Celestia could look so... cold and speak so seriously. She couldn’t help but wonder if this matter is more serious than Celestia let on. She did feel like Celestia was holding back more information about this.

Geez Celestia, fricking CHILL OUT!!!! Don't want you to tramitazed Twilight. :facehoof:

And WHY can't you involve her own friends ( The element bearers ) to help her out? WHY make this a solo mission, and be "super top secret"????!!!!

"at the cost of their sentience" Should be Sapience not Sentience in this case.

I'm interested to see how this goes, I was caught off guard about the fact that the lunar captain was human maybe cause I didn't read the tags properly. This is really good.

It gettin juuuuuuuuuuuuuuicyyyyyyyyyyyyyy XD

This is... something, looking forvard to it

“Hm.” Princess Luna huffs and raises her head high. “We sure do hope that is the case... We shall let thou off this time, but do it again and there will... be repercussions .”

Hey if you want I can proofread the story description its a bit messy

Do. Not. Tell. Anycreature. About this task. And I do mean anycreature, Twilight. Not your friends, not Spike, not your brother, not the train conductor, and especially not my sister.

Why not tell Luna that her guard still exist? Would it be because of a possible conflict of allegiances for the guard between their the Captain and their Princess?:rainbowhuh:

it has only been two months since she came back

.... it's been at least a year or more since Luna returned by the time the Nightmare Night episode happens in season 2. From the beginning of season 1 to the end of it, it would be about 6 months, give or take a month or 2 in either direction, as fall and winter pass in that time frame. Really doesn't help that the episode order is kind of screwy in season 1 as the weather seasons are out of order:fluttershysad:

Slowly she brings her hoof up to the right side of her neck and rubs the side of her throat horizontally.

‘Still hurts after all these years… I’m not even sure if it’s really there or just in my head now… ‘

Did old Ratimir give Celestia an owie, or was the cause of her to getting one? Is that why the Solar Guard of old didn't like him?


“Take... your positions...” Faded Light says with hints of emotional damage in her voice.

Checking out the story. That Dusk teasing about a romance between the human and Celestia was funny while she wants to hit with the human… man she is crazy but I think she is cute with Moonfall

So where are the batpony colonies? Are they hidden I guess?

:trollestia: oh she just wants to be petted like a little horse 🐴

Oh boy, Luna is going to watch a crazy scene while being so upset she been lied by everypony… I could see her liking the human maybe?

Damn. I started reading whole story today and it ended witch such cliffhanger.
Man, waiting for new chapter will be painfull.

Do you maybe have ETA for new chapter?

Its fine! Awesome chapter hope to see both of them duel it out soon.

Theres a few typos/errors in this chapter

Gorgeous chapter, I'm waiting for the continuation

"...I’ve been... neglectful towards the batponies..."
wouldn't Luna still call them Thestrals?

If you catch those list them so they can be edited to help new readers please and thank you.

The guys an asshole and really doesn't need to be captain if hes gonna blow a lid like that. He's too overly aggressive for nothing. And he has no respect for anyone yet he demands it all for himself. Princess Luna is his boss, not Celestia or anyone else, so he's already broke an intimate trust by treating her like shit and not even telling the truth about things. She has the final say on anything he does, so he's already broke the chain of command by placing another authority over her.

All in all the guys too volatile and he should be relieved of command and someone with a cooler head and one with respect for others should take over. This whole scene is just proof on why he shouldn't be around at this point.

There's a way to go about dealing with things like this, using tact and patience, but him exploding like that isn't one of them, and a good leader learns to handle each of the people he works with in their own way. I'm hoping the story starts changing from here and he learns to calm the fuck down, otherwise I'm out. The guys in a leadership position but being good at fighting doesn't mean your good at leadership and if your soldiers fear you then your a poor ass leader. That recluse shit needs to end as well. I've never saw a good leader who hides away in his office 80% of the time.

Let's be real. You're against him because he's mean rather than him being wrong. Because he wasn't wrong.

He's a good leader as those who follow him actually respect and listen to him all whole simultaneously improving those under his command.

Then Luna shows up and starts throwing her weight around without consideration.

And Celestia is kind of his boss. She's the one who appointed him the position and have been running the show because Luna had been out of comission because of her own screw ups.

Yea, I'll admit I don't like him, but only because he's a stick of dynamite in charge of peoples lives. In a leadership position you can't be volatile like he is. Being decisive and stern is one thing, but at the end of the day he's captain of Luna's personal guard, not Celestias, even though Celestia made him captain, Luna's back now. Just because everyone likes him doesn't mean he's a good leader. You can be a complete shit for brains and have people like you.

In this situation, instead of hiding away and being a shy introvert he should be taking charge, no matter his personal feelings on the matter, and making Luna feel welcome, and start building trust so that she feels protected and can have those she can trust besides Celestia, which due to this situation is now fubr and will likely never heal.

Imagine being in Luna's position and finding out that her sister lied to her and that she can't even put any trust or depend on her personal guard who's supposed to guard her life to have her back or even be truthful since she didn't even know who the real damn captain was.

The guys a good drill sergeant I'll give him that, but a combat leader? Hell no.

Awesome chapter seeing Luna growing her character here. Even the human seems to go just a little… He needs a friend that’s for sure… oh boy, can’t wait for Dusk Blade to mess with Luna about the rumor of her sister might be dating the human. :pinkiegasp: :rainbowkiss:

:rainbowlaugh: Dusk!! Hahaha, oh Twilight, Dusk gossips got her! Now Twilight is going to write all those gossips as a report :rainbowlaugh:

“Captain, I... I love you! Please go out with me!” Dusk Blades voice rings out. Twilight snaps her neck over to the source point, seeing Dusk Blade standing in front of Ratimir in the middle of the room. A determined look on her face with some blush on her cheeks.

“Didn’t expect that...” Moonfall mumbles as he looks over at the scene. “Well, I guess that’s a good intro- Twilight Sparkle?”

Moonfall Looks down at the ground, staring at the now passed out unicorn. “Oh...”

Is that weakness I see Dusk blade?

Twilight, realizing the Princess’s mood was going down, looks over to Faded Light and speaks up. “Um... Lieutenant Faded Light this is your break room, right? It’s quite impressive... remind me of old equestria!”

Princess Luna: turned around and look at Twilight and Faded Light did you just call her lieutenant?:trixieshiftright:

Twilight: at that moment she realized that she screwed up:facehoof:

Can’t wait for the man to start slowly get friends… what did you do Celestia and what purpose do you have with this man out of the billions we have on earth :rainbowderp:

Luna… very sus :twilightblush:

He apologized to Princess Celestia!

When did this happen?:rainbowhuh:

Me encanta. Quiero ver la reacción con el supuesto romance.

Beautiful story and I hope it gets continued and not abandoned like so God damn many other stories :)

This definitely is a great chapter. Really love the humor and it’s really cool to have a Crystal Pony descendent who wants to find her homeland which I won’t be surprise if she broke Sombra’s spell to bring the Empire back.

I really like how you write the lore and characters in the story. The human asking what’s a train had me so confused :rainbowlaugh: like what world did he live in?

I kind of hope Ratimir is thrown off by the Solar Gaurd. Maybe even be forced to fight in some way or a "Captain's Duel" between him and Shining Armor:pinkiecrazy:

This is a great story so far, and I very much hope more comes soon.


Have to say I never thought I would read a chapter like this and it fits so perfectly with the theme and arc of the story. This definitely is great character development!

Really enjoyed the Spike comparison since sadly he never really had much friends outside of like Ember and Thorax… thank you for writing amazing chapter and don’t worry about making it longer, this definitely is perfect.

I binged all the chapters in a row. I'll take some more of this please. :D

This is so good! This Twilight is starting to have awareness of her surroundings and I absolutely love that! There is a fine line when someone is making moments with drama and it can become too much or it will be a moment that will never be touched again and be forgotten.
Can't wait for more! :pinkiehappy:

People down voting you clearly never had a job before

"Celestia give me strength..." She whispers to herself.

Celestia is a fool in more ways then you can fathom thanks to her brainwashing.

Just got caught up with all the chapters, really good stuff bubba. I'm really captured by your world. Hope you're doing good.

I probably gonna receive some hate for this but I think it's needed to say it, like dude it's sound an bad idea to start another story when it takes so long to update the currently one that you have, I understand you have an lot of ideas and want to show us, and I can't stop you if you decide to post them, but like from your notes you seems to very busy person, and if take half an year because real life reasons, then imagine that plus the strain to have two stories at the same time.
Sorry of sound rude or didn't convey what I wanted to say well, but I somehow feel that it needs to be said.

MMM, yo conozco ambos lados, el escritor y el lector y supongo que podrías hacer el segundo si es corto, como para no bloquearse en ambas historias.

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