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Alright here's what you're allowed to know about me.

I don't comment much nor respond much unless I personally feel it is important or you present as a good question, so don't bother me.

My expertise mainly lies in HIE(Humans in Equestria) the cursed genre here. However I do it not to fulfill some dumbass self fulfillment, or self roleplay fantasy(self insert). I mainly go into this type because I believe there is potential and I find it fun, however sometimes I may experiment and go into other types.

Often when I make a story I do it to experiment with a concept or idea, even willingly to take concepts from other stories(mainly incomplete or abandoned) and work on them.

I also work alone so no editor, thus if there is a mistake please feel free to comment on it so a month later when glancing over it I don't feel like jumping off a cliff when I see 20+ grammer mistakes or format fuck ups.

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Update \ BTM of "The Horror of our Night" · 4:56am February 16th

I return, somewhat.

Anyway, first thing to address.

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Hey thanks for the favourite! May I ask why you placed it in your Favourites?

Thanks for the Favorite!!! :twilightsmile:

Thanks for the fav dawg

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